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#19204 - 01/04/04 04:38 PM "technical" question
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Dear Sirs and Madams:

I have just paid the registration fee to the Church of Satan, and now I must send my data by regular postal mail.

My question is: must I write the whole words "Church of Satan" in the envelope, or could I write just "C.o.S."?

It is for security reasons.

Yours sincerely,
Church of Satan
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#19205 - 01/04/04 04:42 PM Re: "technical" question [Re: Haman Caiaphas]
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CoS in combination with the PO.Box Number will be enough.
No need to worry.

Chris Redstar
Chris Redstar
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#19206 - 01/04/04 04:58 PM Re: "technical" question [Re: Haman Caiaphas]
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must I write the whole words "Church of Satan" in the envelope, or could I write just "C.o.S."?

When in doubt, contact HP Nadramia.

Since you are dealing with the US Postal Service, as long as you get the city, state, zip code, and PO Box number correct, your correspondence should be received by the intended recipient. You don't even have to address it to "Church of Satan" or "CoS" or whatever.
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#19207 - 01/04/04 05:18 PM Cos [Re: Haman Caiaphas]
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Understood, there are many of us who would have problems with mail to or from having Church of Satan on our corespondence. CoS on the address line will get there just fine.
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