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#192954 - 10/08/06 03:29 PM HTML is Unavailable while Editing Posts
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I prefer to use HTML when posting. I am not entirely familiar with UBBCode, though from previous experience with it, UBBCode does not allow me the same expressive power the HTML provides. Having said that, I understand that using UBBCode may the undesirable solution to my problem.

On occasion, I find the need to edit my posts to correct a spelling mistake I initially missed or add more information. When I do edit my posts, my previously entered HTML markup is shown as content in the preview pane, and any additional information also exhibits the HTML tags when I commit my changes.

Aside from using UBBCode or replying to my own posts, which feels contrived, updating the board to allow HTML in editing posts would be a welcome feature.

I have also noticed similar behavior when someone quoted one of my posts marked up in HTML.

Now it is not exhibiting this behavior. It crops up however.

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#192955 - 10/08/06 03:52 PM Re: HTML is Unavailable while Editing Posts [Re: TheAbysmal]
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It's been like that for ages.

I notice recently you found this when making a link. It is true that UBBCode has not the power of HTML, but it's perfectly adequate for making links and the like.

What functions of HTML are required in this place, to which UBBCode does not also cater?

This is My pragmatic view, anyway. Of course, it would be nice if the bug weren't there.

Additionally, I notice that you recently failed to make a link work, using HTML, when it would have worked fine with UBBCode. I know this, because I quoted it and had to adjust the code to make it work for you.

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#192956 - 10/09/06 05:29 PM Re: HTML is Unavailable while Editing Posts [Re: Linguascelesta]
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Here is a nifty sidebar that I could use in a post where I wanted to include information without detracting from my primary topic.

You cannot do this with UBBCode--unless I am sorely mistaken here--and if I had to edit it later, it would be very problematic.

You might be interested to see how many times a post you have read would benefit from this sort of thing. I should probably do it more often myself.

I understand UBBCode is adequate for making links. I simply prefer using HTML and use it habitually, for I ocassionally use some of its features that are rarely used in message board posts. Floating a <div> for a sidebar comes to mind. I would hate to change UBBCode tags to HTML should its need suddenly arise.

I am not complaining... merely making suggesting what some may view a welcome feature as I would view it.

Thank you for fixing my link.

Perhaps another oversight on my part, my post may have been better suited for the other forum in this section. Thanks for not making a big deal of it. That is the kind of thing I try so hard to avoid.


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