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My name is Emily, and im a junior in high school. I lead a typical life. A younger sister, my parents arent divorced or anything, and they are heavily involved with things going on at my school, and with politics. My parents are catholic/christian, but not very strict followers, we go 2 church only for 4 special events. i was baptized, went to religious ed. for 8 years. made my communion, and confirmtation. It wasn't til i'd say last year that i started to question christianity. This year while discussing other religions in my history class is when i really started looking into other faiths. i started asking myself questions like what makes christianity different from other religions? i guess seeing that i was brought up with both sides of my family being catholic, it kind of forced me into believing what they believe, and made me feel that i shudnt question it. i happened to find this website after taking a quiz to see what religion is right for you. and my results said that i would be a "modern satanist" and offered this site. so i guess what im trying to get at is what are some main principle ideal, or views of a satan follower? is it worship of the devil? and what are the rituals that they do? i would really apprecaiate it if you could at least give me the basics. sorry it's so long.

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I will be the first to suggest in a friendly manner that you might like to read, and The Satanic Bible.

I'll refrain from commenting on your words, and leave that for others.

PS, could you be a number 5?

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Let me quess, you took the quiz of yours on myspace.

If you are seeking information on Satanism you should start with the Satanic Bible and other books and resources listed or posted on The Church of Satan's site , which by the way this site is not (It is a privately owned messageboard in the case you were informed otherwise by this above mentioned quiz).

I know you might be thinking, "Why can't someone here just explain it to me?" Well, then we would be doing the same thing your parents have done by spoon feeding information to you.

Final note: Wouldn't this thread have been better placed in the introduction forum?
Hail Satan!
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PS, could you be a number 5?

I'd say the above 5 with a touch of 6 and 1.
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