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#198578 - 10/29/06 12:35 PM Young Magician.
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I am going to make you think about your childhood now.

Think of something or two that you did as a youngster and could only get away with as being a child. Your ultimate magical accomplishment. Something where you stopped everyone dead in their tracks to think of how cute you were.

If you can't remember your childhood, what of something your kid/nephew/neice/neighbour did?

#198579 - 10/29/06 01:16 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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When I was five years old, I used to try on everyone's boots and shoes - especially womens high-heeled shoes, whenever my parents had houseguests over.

Everyone used to stare, laugh and comment on how cute I looked. My parents even took home movies of it on Super 8mm roll film.
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#198580 - 10/29/06 02:05 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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My brother and I would sit cross legged in the grass, meditating, trying to move a spoon.

We often ended up fighting, of course, but we did this for a whole summer. It never once occured to me that it was not possible.

#198581 - 10/29/06 02:18 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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I am the second eldest of 5 siblings. When I was younger, my little brother and I created superhero costumes from old clothes and crafted weapons from sticks lying around the yard. We had an old barn on the property that became our 'secret lair.' It was there that we stashed all our gear from the two youngest siblings, so as to protect our 'secret identities.'

Whenever things looked 'rough' and like superheroes were needed, we would retreat to the barn and become our alter egos and 'save the day.'

We spent a lot of time in that barn, devising new gimicks and gear. It was our Bat Cave, complete with a trapdoor at the backside.

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#198582 - 10/29/06 02:21 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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I have a twin sister and no, we could never read each others minds but we have always been best friends. And as happens with most best friends we were able to finish each others sentences. We had a real spooky Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum thing going on. I don't think people thought it was cute though. I think they were fairly unnerved by it.

Tweedle Dum: If you think we're waxworks, you ought to pay, you know.
Tweedle Dee: Contrarywise, if you think we're alive you ought to speak to us.
Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum: That's logic.

Oh and when someone would ask us "Which one are you?", we would always reply, "I'm the other one."

Good post! This is interesting...
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#198583 - 10/29/06 02:45 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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I convinced my first grade teacher that I spent the summer in Russia. As far as I was concerned I had, I'd been on a reading binge on Russia and that was "going there" to me. When she asked my mother for photos we took there, and found out that I hadn't gone at all, she was less than pleased to discover that a six year old had duped her.
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#198584 - 10/29/06 02:45 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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There's a video somewhere of me standing on the table dancing with my brother flicking the light on and off in time to music. I believe I was around 6 at the time.
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#198585 - 10/29/06 02:59 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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It was a summertime and I was five or six. The day was hot and it was just after lunchtime, with adults still sitting on the terrace - perfect timing for my plan.

We ate watermellon almost everyday, sitting on walls with sweet juice dripping down our chins, breathing in the evening breeze. I realized then that the sweetest and best part of the whole piece is the core, or the heart as we called it, and that for those few sweet red bites you needed to gobble on a liter of not particulary tasty liquid, and fight the seeds along the way.

That afternoon I decided to skip the boring parts, so I went down to the basement where the mellons were kept. There must have been half a dozen of them there, and knowing those were too heavy for me to lift, I brought three cousins along. And so the feast started: we lifted the watermellons as high as we could and let it drop, breaking enough for my hand to reach in for the heart.

Later on the adults noticed we were gone and were quite surprised when they came down to find all the mellons broken, and four savage children up to their elbows in search for the nectar.

I still charm with the same smile .
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#198586 - 10/29/06 05:56 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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Whenever my relatives would come visit from New York, they would bring me presents, some of which I did not like. I especially hated teddy bears. After a polite "thank you" the gifts I didn't like would go right back into their suitcase and wouldn't be found until they got back home.
As for getting what I did want, throughout my childhood I never once uttered the words "I want." My grandmother would tell me to pick one toy, since I never asked for anything. I would pick up two and innocently look back and forth at the two objects. "Hmm...which one?" This went on for several minutes until my frustrated Grandmother told me to just take them both.

#198587 - 10/29/06 06:04 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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I remember when the tv show "In Living Color" first aired. I was just starting the third grade.

The day after the first airing, I went to class acting out every bit word by word. The whole class looked at me and asked "how the hell you remember all of that and the show just started last night?"


#198588 - 10/29/06 06:18 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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Ok, this is a real good one everyone here can enjoy. When I was about 8 or 10 I used to attend church on Sundays. After Sunday school one day I went snooping and looked into a cupboard in one room. I found 2 cookies, I walked out and by the front church doors I stood with my face in the corner and gobbled those cookies right up. There were a lot of people walking around and in and out. I was so frightened that I would get into trouble and was surprised that I never did! Oh, those were the most delicious cookies I ever ate!

#198589 - 10/29/06 07:09 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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When I was in 1st grade, my class and I were playing a game of red light / green light. With one slight variation. When the teacher said the name of a vegetable, it meant "red light", when she said the name of a fruit, it meant "green light". All the kids in my class were neck and neck, until she said "tomato!". I ran like the wind to the finish line.
The teacher said to me "Peaches, your out!"
I replied to her; "What, are you stupid? Tomatos are a fruit! They have seeds!"
I took this up with the principal later that day and although she reprimanded me for calling my teacher a mean name, she agreed that I legitmatly won the game.
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#198590 - 10/29/06 07:37 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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I used to tell dirty jokes at parties.
"If a man empties his purse into his head no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." -Benjamin Franklin

#198591 - 10/29/06 08:39 PM Re: Young Magician. [Re: tovasshi]
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I remembered how entrenched in politics many parents were who sent their children to Our Lady of Lourdes, a parochial school I also attended in my youth. One parent in particular, Mr. Stettar--his first name forever lost in My memory--was so obsessed with the idea that he could gain notoriety with the school somehow. On one occassion, he even had the school and church endorse a letter from him to all the parents, soliciting money for some personal fund raiser of his. I started circulating my own "letters to parents" from "Mr. Stettar" that they should "fill out the bottom portion, mail it to him, and send [him] $5 a month for the rest of their lives" for some stupid reason I cannot remember. All the parents found the letter so funny, the school and church actually felt compelled to write an apology letter to all the parents concerning Mr. Stettar's original letter. Classic.

On another occassion, I got fed up with the school's boring lunch menu, so I made up my own, and had all my friends take it home with the rest of the paperwork they always wound up takin home for their parents:

Monday: Leftovers from Last Friday
Tuesday: Leftovers from the Leftovers
Wednesday: Who Cares? Maybe some Spring Mac
Thursday: Spring Mac
Friday: Fish!!!

Well, of course, I had to write the apology letter this time, to the ladies that made our lunches, but shortly thereafter, we started getting hot dogs and hamburgers. Parents complained about where their tuition money was going that we could not have better food. It worked.

Well, I am unsure of how young you were shooting for, but to this day, parents who sent their children to Our Lady, who still speak with My parents, rave about those letters and menus. So does my 7th grade teacher, Ms. Gavazzi.

#198592 - 10/30/06 01:25 AM Re: Young Magician. [Re: DickSteele]
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I'm not sure if this counts as a 'Young Magician' story. DickSteele's Sunday school story reminded me of one of my Sunday School incidents.

One night, we were discussing Joseph and his dreamcoat. We were actually discussing the part of his story where he is constantly mistreated by his siblings. My teacher was standing behind my chair and I remember leaning back and looking her in the eyes and simply stating, "Tough titty."

I was about 8 or 9 then.

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