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#19924 - 01/09/04 01:33 AM Curse
Lex_Satanicus Offline
Silly Goose

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Hi everyone. I believe some kind of curse has been set upon me. Why, some rather strange things have been going on recently in my flat. I have a big CD and book collection, most of it is Metal, Classical; and Poetry, Horror, Novels and Satanic literature. I used to keep everything on a little shelf in my room (which I share with my brother). The first strange thing that happened was 6 months ago: I had a copy of The Satanic Bible on the shelf, then one night I was reading it (I was home alone) and I left it on my pillow, I went to make myself a drink and when I came back to my room, the book had dissapeared Strange, huh?
A few weeks later, some of my CD's dissapeared as well (Metallica's Master Of Puppets, The Omen Soundtrack, Cradle Of Filth's Midian and Bauhaus's Crackle). I thought my mum had thrown them away, for I know she disliked my music.

I had re-bought some of my books. The last strange disappearance was that of 3 books (Goethe's Faust Pt. 1 and Anton LaVey's The Satanic Bible and Rituals) wich were in a briefcase WITH A PADLOCK!

Is it a curse? I don't know, but every Satanic related item on my flat seems to disappear in thin air! what can I do?

#19925 - 01/09/04 01:54 AM Re: Curse [Re: Lex_Satanicus]
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Yes it's the Curse of "Poor Short-Term Memory"

If you'd stop forgetting where you place your books, they'd be where you put them last. Supernatural happenings indeed!


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#19926 - 01/09/04 03:02 AM Re: Curse [Re: Lex_Satanicus]

Yes, those nasty anti-satanic goblins are the ones to blame my dear boy.
Head to your nearest Walmart and pick up a can of *Goblin be gone!*

(In all seriousness - have you asked your mother? Since you say she disapproves and all ... maybe thats a place to start, yes?) -sigh-

#19927 - 01/09/04 03:15 AM Re: Curse [Re: Lex_Satanicus]
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Oh yes, you are so very cursed.

Head to your nearest witchdoctor, shaman or holy man and let him banish out the evil spirits of ''Possesion of bad memory'' and ''religious mother''. If you don't, the consequences will be terrible.
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#19928 - 01/09/04 03:49 AM Re: Curse [Re: Lex_Satanicus]
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Yep, you've got a curse alright.

It's called poverty, as is evidenced by the fact that you share a room with your brother.

(Keep in mind I *don't* use the term "poverty" harshly as it can just mean you aren't living "comfortably" and being one who used to share a bedroom with a sibling, I can attest to the lack of comfort in having to share space.)

You can break it, though, by finishing school and getting a degree that's actually useful and maybe, just maybe, making a career out of it.

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#19929 - 01/09/04 06:30 AM There is hope for you! [Re: Lex_Satanicus]
Old_Pig Offline

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Wait at the exact moment when Saturn is properly aligned with the Equinox and the wind is blowing southwest. Dress in yellow clothes and wear a purple turban with silver ribbons in your head, chanting the 22 mantras of contemplative meditation while jumping in one foot under the light of the full moon, carrying pickled sardines in your pockets...

Then run around the block, moving your arms around in circles (the left arm clockwise and the right arm counterclockwise) stopping in each corner to scream “Chandragrupta Markallokis, el mercurdo da fumpala!”

Then drink a bottle of castor oil and sleep in a bed of nails for half an hour… Repeat every week until the curse disapears.
You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.
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#19930 - 01/09/04 06:50 AM Re: Curse [Re: Lex_Satanicus]
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Become a GOD and rule the universe you will then be free of all curses.
Dark eve.
"That which does not kill us makes us stronger"
"The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity"


#19931 - 01/09/04 06:52 AM Re: Curse [Re: Felstorm]
Prince_Satanicus Offline
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Or perhaps one hit too many on the ole bong.
"That which does not kill us makes us stronger"
"The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity"


#19932 - 01/09/04 07:42 AM Sit down. Get comfortable. [Re: Lex_Satanicus]
Sarracenia Offline
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Is there anything you feel guilty about?

Are you afraid?

A curse would imply that you have done something wrong.

Why are you blaming such a mundane occurance on one?


That took me two minutes. The fee will be twenty dollars.

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#19933 - 01/09/04 07:56 AM Re: Curse [Re: Lex_Satanicus]
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A curse will only work on the deserving.

So if it is a curse, the best way to deal with it is to figure out what you are doing wrong, and stop doing it.

NOTE:This will also work if it isn't a curse

#19934 - 01/09/04 07:59 AM Re: Curse [Re: Lex_Satanicus]
MagisterRose Offline
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The fact that you think that since you have begun to explore Satanism you have fallen under a curse makes me think that you may not be ready for Satanism. It sounds to me like residual guilt at dabbling with Satanism has caused you to blame these not terribly difficult to understand occurrences on some kind of curse.
Empty heads babble the most.

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#19935 - 01/09/04 08:52 AM Re: Curse [Re: Lex_Satanicus]
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You know, if you think it's feasible, you could set up a hiddden camcorder in your room to see if mum and/or brother are messing with your things, or if things have a tendency of falling off behind the bed or bookshelf when the house moves in any way.
"Gentlemen, the verdict is guilty, on all ten counts of first-degree stupidity. The penalty phase will now begin."--Divine, "Pink Flamingos."

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#19936 - 01/09/04 09:16 AM Re: Curse [Re: Lex_Satanicus]
Drake_Bamboozle Offline
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I don't know about the curse.

What I would like to know is how your "big" cd and book collection all fits onto "a little shelf in your room"
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#19937 - 01/09/04 09:54 AM Re: Curse [Re: Lex_Satanicus]
Smokey_DeVille Offline
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Needless to say, there have been a few jokes made at your expense in this thread. However, there are also some very good points that have been made. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Instead of doodling on a legal pad and evaluating your head, I will offer you this: Curses will not take the form of minor inconvenience. When successful, a curse will make a significant impact on the victim. At least that's how I look at it. Misplacing books and music, although annoying, is not something that will accomplish anything outside of causing you to consider shelling out more cash. Magic works with nature, and nature (I am speculating here) cares not if Lars Ulrich makes another royalty from you, and nature is not concerned with the quarterly profits of Feral House.

If you ask me, someone in your house doesn't like Satanic literature and assumedly Satanic music. I'm willing to bet that if you have Beethoven's Ninth Symphony on CD, it's right where you left it.

Hail Satan!
Church of Satan

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#19938 - 01/09/04 10:15 AM Curse Power... [Re: Lex_Satanicus]

In case you are actually serious about this post, which I highly doubt...
I've said it before, and I'll say it again! ;
The power in a curse is as strong as you let it be.

Oh... and watch out for black cats while you're at it..

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