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#203565 - 11/21/06 08:32 PM Re: Membership fees? [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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You do realize that your major problem is your consistently defensive attitude, right?

I'm only reciprocating the defensiveness that was shown to me from the start. I began with hate, recieved it back, I apologized, and yet everyone on this board still meets me with hostility. What do you want me to do? I've apologized numerous times. I'm tired with the constant backlash and I'm tired of apologizing when it's just going to be ignored. 'Black' actions, those with rudeness and hate leave a larger imprint than 'white' actions, which are ones of kindness and understanding.


Nor are you being honest. You didn't just ask a question about the Church of Satan, now did you? You did so with inclusion of derogatory implication and an intentionally condescending tone, and you know it.

I do know it, and I apologized, but what my apology accepted or even read? Doubtfull. I still see sarcasm and anger in your textual tones.


Do you want to be banned, or are you simply aware that your actions are out of line but find you're unable to control yourself?

If I can avoid it, no. I would not like to be banned. However, if my opinions are so disgusting to you, I'll take my punishment without outcry. I'm not changing my way of thinking for anyone, Satanist or not.
"What's funny about the world is people will pay for a lie but won't even take the truth for free."

#203566 - 11/21/06 09:52 PM Re: Membership fees? [Re: Dyne]
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Actually, I was pleased by your first response. It has been your persistence in returning to this again and again that is so out of place.

What should you do? Drop it. Simple as that.
"The devil I'll bring you," answered Hagen. "I have enough to carry with my shield and breastplate; my helm is bright, the sword is in my hand, therefore I bring you naught."

#203567 - 11/22/06 05:27 AM Your Responses [Re: Dyne]
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Let me see if I can help.

I think you would have been treated with heightened respect and levity if you had left it here:

>All right, I apologize for my ignorance. Not really much I can say to make up for it, as it was my blindness and likewise my fault. All I ask is that you understand where I was coming from. I believe strongly in the philosophies of Satanism and (wrongly) thought that it became some sort of Big Business cash-siphon. Thank you for the enlightening me on the subject, however. I'll do my best not to jump to conclusions in the future.


But 45 minutes after posting the above, you gave in to your frustration by posting this:

>"Consider themselves." Meaning I'm not really a Satanist, and no one will accept me as one, but I can pretend to be one in my head. Christians have a similar tactic; "baptism." If you're not baptized (which, in their defense is free) they won't consider you a true Christian but will let you think you are.

>This is reverse psychology, and I won't be fooled by it. You may not be able to literally 'force' me to purchase the card, but why would I want to purchase it if I'm going to be shunned for not doing so? It's social force as opposed to legal ones.

>Please tell me if I'm being too uptight about the whole thing. I may be a stranger, but my questions are perfectly legimate ones. $200, yar, may not be a whole lot of money, but why would someone who questions everything, and the moral character of everyone (myself, I mean) simply throw any amount of money at anything before making sure it's legimate? I only want my doubts to be erased, and I'll ask to be treated with a certain amount of humor, all though I did not give the same charity to begin with (for which I am truly sorry.)


It makes you look inconsistent and a little crazy. You were treated accordingly.

At this point you're opposing a straw man. You seem smart enough to understand why a worldwide organization needs to charge an administration fee -- unless you think we should DONATE our time and resources, which would not be very Satanic, would it?

So why keep kicking up the dust? Listen and learn. Like it or leave.
Hail Satan!

Magistra Peggy Nadramia

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