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#204533 - 11/25/06 12:01 PM Have you ever thought in setting up a school of Satanism ?
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Have you ever thought in setting up a school of Satanism, or a University?

Some people with interesting ideas and philosophies have founded schools of thought: Gurdjieff, Crowley, etc. The ideas of the COS are good enough to organise a system of education, and not only in the internet. Do you think you will start something like that in the future? (An institution specifically devoted to formal training and education in Satanism).


#204534 - 11/25/06 12:37 PM It is already here. [Re: Torquemada]
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The literature of Satanism comprises our textbooks.

Study groups exist in the members-only forums here as well in the COS SIGS and informal meetings between members.

Mentors and "professors" exist also from the hierarchy of the Church who write books, answer questions and discuss issues.

Of course the actual school is the school of hard knocks - reality. Exams are unforgiving and grades consist of pass/fail (live/die).

#204535 - 11/25/06 01:01 PM Re: Have you ever thought in setting up a school of Satanism ? [Re: Torquemada]
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In addition to Magister Nemo's comments, it is more impressive and in keeping with the philosophy when people "get it" on their own.
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