Satanism vs. Witchcraft / Wicca?

By: Rev. Robert A. Lang, Canadian Contact, Church of Satan

Satanism and Witchcraft at one point in history shared the same stereotype which arose from confessions extracted via the torture of many thousands of men and women at the hands of Christian inquisitors. Before the year 1966, Satanism only existed as a fictional fabrication resulting from these forced confessions. Witchcraft and Satanism were then considered one and the same by Christian churches and today this is generally still the case. When Anton Szandor LaVey founded the Church of Satan in 1966 he was the first person in history to codify Satanism as a religion, with an integrated philosophy to accompany the metaphorical imagery. Prior to this, supposed crimes enacted in the name of a devil were committed by "Devil worshippers," Christian heretics who, as a result of the inquisition, rebelled against established Christian moral codes by using the ideas extracted and cataloged by the inquisitors as a role model for social disobedience. These people believed in the Christian paradigm of God, his son Jesus the savior, and a Devil, and were not Satanists who reject this system of metaphysics as supernatural nonsense. To this very day Christian fanatics fabricate stories of "Devil worshippers" who enact hideous crimes. No proof of these claims throughout countless investigations has ever been found.

Contrary to popular belief, Satanism is not simply Anti-Christian. We use Satan as a symbol or an archetype representing the opposition to all religions and movements which have attempted to stifle man's carnal nature by subjecting him to some projected image of perfection (political or religious). We see Satan as being what is best in man, the original rebel, the mythological character who questions all things in search of knowledge, and the dark force in nature which motivates human kind to greater aspirations. We practice a religion of the flesh and are not spiritual in any sense. Wicca and other forms of modern Witchcraft are spiritual religions. We Satanists believe that everyone should have the right to choose his or her own religion in accordance with their own nature. Satanism provides all the necessary trappings of religion and psychology without need for spiritual aspects, while Wicca, Paganism, Witchcraft and Christianity provide that which is needed by people with spiritual natures. We believe that Satanists are born, not made - carnal individuals not drawn to the spiritual. Therefore, we think that an individual can not legitimately decide to be a Satanist if that carnality was not already their nature at birth. Spiritual religions generally will accept anyone who decides to become a member of their faith, as they do not make this distinction.

Satanists do not believe in magic being black or white. To us, magic is simply magic, and the evaluation of its use is purely subjective. We feel that during our rituals we are manifesting justice, whether that be in a compassion ritual, a lust ritual, or a curse being placed upon someone who has unjustly wronged us. We do not believe in Karmic resonance or turning the other cheek, as many spiritual religions do. Our method for practicing greater magic (ritual magic) is the projection of our individual Will, utilizing archetypal imagery, to help us attain a particular goal. Our means for lesser magic are the day-to-day ways to dress, smile, speak, and act in order to achieve a desired outcome. Spiritual religions generally worship a deity or deities. Satanists do not worship any external deities for we see ourselves as the GOD. Each to his or her own in their personal subjective universes.

I would encourage any of you who would like to know more about Satanism in greater detail to follow the link below to an article by our High Priest Peter H. Gilmore. Or you can visit our official web site at

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“The world, like a wolf pack is not all the licking of pups and howls by the moonlight. Sometimes there just needs to be a gnashing of teeth and a ripping of flesh to put things back into the natural order of things.”


"Magic is a tool and is essentially useless unless it can serve you here and now! Anything else is simply an act in faith and an excuse for failure in the here and now." XLVI A.S. R. Lang

"Chaos is a creation of mankind and does not exist within the uncompromising fascism of natures laws! Everything has order." XLVI A.S R. Lang

"To believe in Chaos one must believe that their is some kind of God who all of a sudden put everything into order! That!, I cannot relate too..."
R. Lang XLVI A.S.