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#206364 - 12/05/06 03:32 PM Ok my turn...
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To add to the general knowledge database. This site is excellent for those curious about the brain. The best part about it is that you can browse by topic and by level of knowledge, from basic layman to scientist, the language and information is adjusted accordingly.

My psychiatrist employer recommends it to his patients all the time (the ones that take charge of their lives anyway).

My personal knowledge in psychiatry is quite limited, but instead of asking my boss a question, I look here first.

Perhaps some of you may enjoy it.

#206365 - 12/05/06 05:06 PM Re: Ok my turn...The brain from top to bottom [Re: Zaftig]
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I certainly do enjoy it; especially the possibility to get deeper into the subjects by deepening the level of explanation! And then there is legions of possibilities to click on and get almost lost in interesting reports, mythbusting, further investigations, etcetera!
Thank you for posting!
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Very cool site to explore. Thanks for the link.

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#206367 - 12/05/06 05:55 PM Re: Ok my turn... [Re: Zaftig]
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That is a good website, I like the "beginner, to advanced" choices. Unfortunately, the worst of people that have something wrong with them go untreated because "there is nothing wrong with them".

#206368 - 12/05/06 06:26 PM Re: Ok my turn... [Re: DickSteele]
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I'm glad you all appreciate it.


Unfortunately, the worst of people that have something wrong with them go untreated because "there is nothing wrong with them".

This is indeed very common. Or worse, they get bounced around from doc to doc with a different diagnosis and treatment each time. I do believe that my boss is one of the very best (and not simply because he signs my paychecks). I work in a office that is also used by therapists, psychologists, and fam. doctors, that all worked for him for years. His reputation still follows him despite being in the private sector for a decade.

Ok I'll cease tooting his horn, my point is that when he sees a patient who has a long history of un/misdiagnosed illness or un/mistreatment the first thing he does is start over with the patient. Past history is valuable, but not everyone fits neatly into one specific DSM category.


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