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#20649 - 01/13/04 12:05 AM Some questions about registering
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Greetings. I was just thinking about some things before I make the decision to join. Here are a few questions I would really appreciate answers to:

1. What is the difference between Registered Membership and Active Membership? (e.g. does Active Membership have extra benefits?)

2. Do Registered and/or Active members get any discounts in the CoS Emporium? If so, how much?

3. What exactly are the "Special Interest groups" mentioned on the Active Membership application and what exactly do people in these groups do?

4. Can people apply for Active Membership [i]without[/i] wanting to be in Special Interest groups, Grotto activities, and a media spokesperson?

5. What is meant exactly by "impressions" of the Satanic Bible? (e.g. Do you mean if I thought it was inspiring, intelligent, or do you want a lengthy essay of some sort?)

6. What is meant by "political philosophy"? Is it what my ideal political candidate would be like? Is it left wing/right wing? Or is it the issues I believe in?

7. What kind of organizations are we talking about when it says "What organizations do you hold membership?" Are we talking activist groups like PETA, those Yahoo! groups and such, or a mix of those types?

8. What exactly is considered something significantly accomplished?

9. Where it says "Legal Name," do I have to put my middle name in as well as my first and last?

10. On the Active Membership application, how recent does a photograph have to be?
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#20650 - 01/13/04 12:14 AM Re: Some questions about registering [Re: No4HorsemenHere]
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What exactly is considered something significantly accomplished?

If you had any kind of a significant accomplishment you would not be asking this silly question.

An accomplishment you're proud of and worked hard for. Be it a talent, a skill, a career, an event, etc...
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I'm in a hurry, so I'll just respond to this one.


7. What kind of organizations are we talking about when it says "What organizations do you hold membership?" Are we talking activist groups like PETA, those Yahoo! groups and such, or a mix of those types?

The Church of Satan values real world achievments and influence. Participation in a yahoo chat club would not count unless it produces a real world result. I think what they're after would be things like the NRA, SPCA, or things like that; real orginizations that do things in the real world.

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#20652 - 01/13/04 02:37 AM Answers [Re: No4HorsemenHere]
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1. Active members are privvy to more information, such as Grotto Activities and such. They are also the only ones eligible for Grotto Master status.

2. Is this really a question to ask before joining? Does it matter? To be serious anyhow, I do believe certain online shops and private sellers offer discounts to members/ active members. You just have to find them.

3. Join and find out! They're groups of individuals working together to reach effective goals. Many different topics as there are goals.

4. Of course.

5. It just means 'what you thought of it'. Did you think Anton LaVey was a wacko?, did you think he had some good ideas on this, but not on that, etc, etc.

6. Yes. Your outlook on politics.

7. I'm pretty sure the Church of Satan isn't going to care if you're involved in BadBoyz69's Awesome Metallica Fan Club. The bigger, more noteable, organization, the more obvious. Perhaps you are also a Freemason? Perhaps you are a high ranking member of the NRA? Try it...

8. Again, I'm sure the Church of Satan doesn't care if you make small everyday achievements (paying bills on time, buying a great car, etc.) Try to look for more noteworthy achievements (getting published, taking over a company, realizing a life dream, etc) But hey, they're YOUR achievements. You scale them up.

9. Are you afraid of your middle name? Is this really an issue?

10. I've heard of members sending anything from a shopping-mall photo-booth clip to an impressive professional photograph. A picture is a picture. I personally wouldn't worry too much about it either way. Try to look your best, I'd say. You ARE sending an application to an organization that places an emphasis on aesthetics and merit. Act like it!

You really should worry so much about this application. If you try too hard to find the right answers, you'll be lying to yourself.

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1. Explained on under the link for Affiliation.

2. No.

3. Detailed information is only available to member of the Church of Satan. However, if you'd like to see practical results of a SIG project:

4. Yes.

5. Nobody can tell you how to answer the questions on the application. However, you might consider: all of the above.

6. Again, the same is true.

7. I would define it as an organization with a membership roster. Nobody cares what bulletin board services you subscribe to anymore than we care what newspaper is delivered to your door. Examples of organizations with a roster would include the NRA, Freemasons, the Fraternal Order of Police...and yes, PETA as well.

8. Its self explanatory. Nobody can tell you how to answer questions on the application!

9. Is your middle name on your birth certificate? If so, then its part of your full legal name.

10. Does it look like you?
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