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#207662 - 12/11/06 04:24 PM Question About Including Images In Application
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Hello! I hope you don't mind this question, but I have been wondering. On the application I have for the CoS it states that you need to include a photo or image of yourself. I can see it being used to identify you, compare to ID images, etc., but I began to wonder if it was also used to judge if you met the aesthetic ideal of Satanism. Could one, if they did not fit a certain aesthetic value, be denied membership?

I know I'm sounding a little paranoid and I'm sure that I am just transfering my own obsession with my own aesthetic appearance and life onto the CoS, but just in case I'm not being paranoid or a little OCD-ish, I thought I'd ask.

Thank you very much!

#207663 - 12/11/06 04:53 PM Re: Question About Including Images In Application [Re: deSaevio]
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Of course it is used to judge you -- a picture paints a thousand words.

That is not to say that you must be beautiful or handsome, young or shapely -- but how you present yourself speaks volumes about your self-esteem and personal aesthetics.

You could be the most attractive and sexy individual to ever contact the Church of Satan -- but if you send me a picture of yourself sitting on Granny's flowered sofa in your very BEST tee shirt and flip-flops, sneering and giving me the finger, you're durn tootin' I'm going to judge you.
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#207664 - 12/11/06 05:32 PM Re: Question About Including Images In Application [Re: MagistraNadramia]
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Excellent! Thank you for the quick response.


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