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#20815 - 01/13/04 11:01 PM I would appreciate some clarification.
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I have been aware of Satanic philosophy for quite some time. I have read "The Satanic Bible" and have also spent several hours reading the essays on along with other "satanic" essays. I agree wholeheartedly with the ideas presented as the core of Satanism but find myself disagreeing, although appreciating the thinking behind them, with the conclusions of some of the essays.
For example, when I read "Teaching Pigs to Sing" whilst I agree that mandatory education does leave a lot to be desired I disagree that it is undesirable (as the essay seems to suggest). On the contrary I found that being surrounded by "dull witted savages" helped to build my strength of character and made me more discriminating about the company I keep than it may have been otherwise.
I am also of the opinion that individuals such as Mahatma Gandhi would have made fine Satanists, if it were not for his religious beliefs, as he indulged in what he wanted to, worked to improve himself, and used effective techniques to achieve his goals.
By my understanding of Satanism I feel that I can classify my own thoughts as Satanist. Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

#20816 - 01/13/04 11:18 PM Re: I would appreciate some clarification. [Re: mattevans]
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You only have to resonate with what is in The Satanic Bible and live your life to its ideals to rightfully call yourself a Satanist. Disagreeing with some of what Dr. LaVey, Miss Barton, and others wrote doesn't mean you're not a Satanist, although you may want to read the essays more than once to gain a greater understanding.
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#20817 - 01/13/04 11:23 PM Re: I would appreciate some clarification. [Re: SilverHammer]
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That's what I thought, there just appear to be some people who wouldn't agree with that. Thankyou for taking the time to reply.

#20818 - 01/13/04 11:25 PM Re: I would appreciate some clarification. [Re: mattevans]
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I think it would be silly to think that every Satanist is going to agree on every issue. That would throw the idea of individualism right out the window!

The core philosophy and practices of Satanism are found in the Satanic Bible.

Not all Satanist are going to think that home schooling is practical or neccisarry. Not all Satanist are going to feel admiration for the same people.

In short, we don't all agree about everything... except what is written in the pages of the Satanic Bible.

One of the core tenants of Satanism is figuring out what works. More importantly, what works for you!

If you find that the public school system has done you good and you find Ghandi's words and actions inspirational, then so be it!

That is my opinion.
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#20819 - 01/14/04 01:06 AM Re: I would appreciate some clarification. [Re: mattevans]
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By my understanding of Satanism I feel that I can classify my own thoughts as Satanist

I feel like this is quickly becoming a cancerous misconception. I think far too many people take the basic Satanic concept of individualism and stretch it to the extreme that they conclude "If I acknowledge myself as a Satanist, and say I agree with Satanism, then I am totally to think whatever I want, to make up my own beliefs, and call them Satanic."

This is simply not the case. Satanism is still bound by the definitions provided by the Satanic Bible, Satanism's core literature. Whatever is outside the bounds defined by the Satanic Bible is not Satanic.

There have been plenty of people who went by the maxim you provided, and went under the guise of Satanism. They would try to promote anything from bizarre spiritualist views of reality to neo-Nazism to pantheism to numerous offshoots of volkish philiosophy, all under the blanket of calling it Satanic - ad nauseum. Venture a guess where they all are now? Not with the Church of Satan, that's for sure. Confused parasites of this sort are given the boot, and left to fend for themselves - and left to fail for themselves.

I urge you to consider if your "own thoughts" fit into a truly Satanic framework, or if you're making an attempt to blend incompatable philosophies. Sharing an aesthetic is one thing, but be ever wary of anyone who would attempt to combine Satanism with schools of thought that do not align.
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