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#279685 - 10/27/07 03:22 AM Re: Pitiful predictions. [Re: Nemo]
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 Originally Posted By: Nemo

Here are my predictions (just a few):

1. Aging reversal for humans and the resulting physical immortality.
2. Discovery of ET intelligent artifacts on the Moon and Mars.
3. Amplified intelligence through human brain-computer interface.
4. Successful production of molecular nanotech replicators and nanofog.
4. a. Affordable space travel for individuals.
4. b. Extension of human habitat undersea and in space.
4. c. Successful download and storage of human personality.
4. d. Much more.

I always enjoy reading your thoughts in this topic!

Space travel would be a dream come true for me ;\)

#279689 - 10/27/07 03:29 AM Re: Pitiful predictions. [Re: LightAngel]
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Space travel would be a dream come true for me ;\)

Me too, as long as I don't have to be the Flight Attendant.
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#279899 - 10/28/07 03:17 AM Re: Life in 2020 [Re: LightAngel]
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Originally Posted By: Poetaster
You, as well as some others, might find Michio Kaku's book Visions of great interest. The book deals directly with this topic.

Professor Michio Kaku - on youtube……….

You may as well start here:
“Is Time Travel Possible”
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#479692 - 08/28/12 05:06 PM Re: Time Travel [Re: LightAngel]
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Here is how i view it and im sure it could stump many believers in time travel but here is the setting. Im here typing this reply and eating a hot dog, at the same date NASA is doing a secrete time travel experiment in space and when they start the experiment it works to everyones amazement and the time travelled vessel meets with past astronauts in 2000 AD and now time reversed and besides for the vessel appearing seemingly out of no where everything is back to normal. The point in this theory that most people will miss is there experiment many miles away would have to reverse every little moment of the universe which means repairing and reassembling the hot dog back to the animal it came from as unprocessed meat which includes bring the animal back to life and reversing everything physics has done before the experiment. that happening from an experiment that isn't in contact with most of the universe, id say thats like me swinging my hand in the US and slapping the pope in the vatican.

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#479695 - 08/28/12 05:51 PM Re: Time Travel [Re: ryanleman]
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This thread has been dead and buried for close to five years. Please check the dates before committing thread necromancy.
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