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#208906 - 12/17/06 04:06 AM General Q about membership
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Hi I've been doing a lot of research into the Church of Satan and what it stands for, and in all honesty, it seems to be the only place that isnt showing any pretentiousness, people are just real.
I like what satanism stands for. I used to attend a church and everytime I would ask why a satanist was as "evil" as they tried to say, they could never give me an answer and just shunned me. Church is just full of pretentious nobodies and I'm tired of it. Enough of that anyway, I'm currently reading the Satanic bible, but I was looking for more info on the CoS. For example, do you have many black members? I am a young black female and I just wasnt sure about whether it was a relatively mixed place.
Look forward to your reply

#208907 - 12/17/06 06:20 AM Re: General Q about membership [Re: Curious_Princess]
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Race is irrelevant.

The Church of Satan does not reveal information regarding its members. Please refer to the COS website here

#208908 - 12/17/06 09:17 PM Re: General Q about membership [Re: Phineas]
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I'll second that. A Satanist does not define themself by their race and the CoS is not concerned with it either. It is concerned with what one brings to the table.

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