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#21160 - 01/16/04 06:55 PM Left Field
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The Total Environment. So many wonderful possibilities begin to arise from the depths of my imagination when I indulge and dream of The Is To Be concerning this.
And of all these richly decadent fantasies, there has always remained one that never ceases to tantalize my being.
When I first read the Satanic Bible and encountered the life and times of Anton Szandor LaVey, the CoS, and it's initial forays into the light of day, I was immediately drawn to the magic of it all.
Historic and seductive because of it.
Here were these brazen shadow-dwellers, odd ends of society, proclaiming their presence with fearless ambition!
Gorgeous. All of it. Recreating that time, that feel and magic and then being able to participate as if it were occuring for the first time would be my Satanic equivalent to an American muslim trekking to Mecca or mormons making a pilgrimage to Salt Lake City!
Unfortunately , Holo-decks haven't been invented!
Any thoughts or twists?

She gave a tiny burst of laughter in spite of herself. I smiled. What a strange pair they were. They did not believe their own eyes. But that was typical enough of this century. I wondered when they would start to see, and having seen, start screaming.
-Armand from The Vampire Armand


#21161 - 01/19/04 03:16 AM No Holodecks? [Re: Mr_Atrox]
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Are you certain about that?

#21162 - 01/19/04 08:18 AM Re: Left Field [Re: Mr_Atrox]
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LaForge: Captain, we're having a problem with the energy conduits routed to the holodecks. They're completely offline. I could have them running in maybe 18 hours.

Picard: What about our imaginations? Could we possibly use those to create a total environment static warp bubble?

LaForge: I don't see that happening, Captain. Only a few members of the crew seem to have an imagination. For the remaining majority, imagination is offline too.


And if you liked that, you'll love this!
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."
-Carl Sagan

#21163 - 01/19/04 08:46 AM Re: Left Field [Re: Mason_Rust]
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I DID like that.

It's like when the electricity or the cable goes out and people get absolutely stir crazy because there's no TV to watch.

I grew up in Pennsylvania way out in the sicks, and the power would go out every other time it snowed. All the non-readers in the house start bouncing off the walls.

#21164 - 01/19/04 10:39 AM Re: Left Field [Re: Mr_Atrox]
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Actually, the world is the Satanists's holodeck.
Go create!
~ Suum cuique. ~

#21165 - 01/19/04 06:44 PM Re: Left Field [Re: Mr_Atrox]
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A Total Enviroment with a 1950's Leave-it-to-Beaver feel might kick-start Nemo's holodeck for ya.
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#21166 - 06/22/04 10:23 AM Re: Left Field [Re: Mr_Atrox]
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I can't say I'm familiar with the holodecks Mr. Nemo makes an interesting reference to, but in my experience, the "3D" world seems to have much to offer in regards to total environments.
Depending on what episode you play, Doom by ID software can take you anywhere from outer space to the depths of Hell. The aesthetics of many levels would most likely be enjoyed by many Satanists. Speaking of holographs, during the release promotion, you had to walk through holographic projections of the monsters to get where you wanted to go. Doom's predecessor, Wolfenstein 3D was set in a Nazi prison, complete with stone walls, Nazi decor, and guards. In fact, one of the most popular games released recently, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, take splace in the 1980's, with music, automobiles, and clothing matching the era. I don't play many 3D games, actually, due to the general lack of inovation in the genre, so I can't elaborate much more.
3D games seem to be a neglected possibilty when the subject of TEs is mentioned. Of course the limitations are obvious, but unless you build your own, or are invited to someone else's this is a possibilty you may consider.
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#21167 - 06/23/04 07:57 PM Re: Left Field [Re: Mr_Atrox]
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Ah yes, to re experience the discovery of Satanic Freedom, as if new. Priceless.

#21168 - 06/23/04 10:03 PM Re: Left Field [Re: Asmedious]
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Ah yes, to re experience the discovery of Satanic Freedom, as if new. Priceless.

Not as priceless as this quote from your profile...

" I'm more of a Hedonist then a Satanist, being that I don't believe in the worshipping of any entity."

Tell me this was the statement of former ignorance and not a still present viewpoint -- namely, your erroneously implied connection between Satanism and entity worship.
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#21169 - 06/23/04 11:21 PM Re: Left Field [Re: Mr_Atrox]
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I wasn't amazed by the though of people hiding in dark corners. I just was not scared of the word Satan or the meaning behind it.

I was going threw the, what is wrong with me? Why am I different from every one else? What do I need to change to be like every one else, but I don't want to be like every one else. I just want to be me, but is it okay to be me?

When I found out that some one besides me shared alot of the same idea's. The weight of feeling like an alien was lifted. The most simple lifting feeling, it is okay to be who I am. I don't need to try and be like them. I will forever be appreciative.

#21170 - 06/24/04 07:21 AM Re: Left Field [Re: London]
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There is much to be said for an individual who takes the time to study the post they may feel a need to respond to. Taking note of quirky little things like dates and times and content, for example.

There is equally as much to be said for the one who does not.




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