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#212757 - 01/03/07 09:46 PM Re: Men are Slaves [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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Facts are facts. Males are a worker gender, a biological slave to the default gender of females.

As much as I think of myself as an unashamed misogynist at times, I have to admit that this model makes sense biologically. I would add to this that there seems to be a reproduction advantage to having more females than males in a population, at least waiting back in the village: having 9 females and 1 male means you could still have up to 9 simultaneous pregnancies. Not so with 9 males and 1 female.

Of course as you mention, this is just about biology and how evolution drove the species to the model that it has. On a personal level I know I'm not bound to being a drone any more than I'd be bound to staying in temperate climates because my skin is white.
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#212758 - 01/04/07 12:06 AM Re: Men are Slaves [Re: Nidhogg]
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To answer: reproduction is a biological imperative (that can be overridden).

Then the disposability of males is a biological imperative (that can be overridden).
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#212759 - 01/04/07 02:12 AM Re: Men are Slaves [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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100% agreed!

Camille Paglia anyone?

#212760 - 01/04/07 02:53 AM Re: Men are Slaves [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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I don't know if this has been addressed so here goes:

I completely agree with your statements that males are just to be used for reproduction. Likewise, the sole function of the female is to bear children and care for them, while the male 'spreads his seed' elsewhere. Those 'advantages' of testosterone you mentioned first allowed males to collect and hunt their own food and provide for the female while she took care of the offspring. If you think about it, the only function of all animals is to reproduce in which case the male would be the 'slave' for the female.

However, in our current times we are less preoccupied with having to hunt for our food in order to survive; we can go to the grocery store and buy our food easily. In the rise of civilizations, political systems, and economies, the males have now been able to use the testosterone that they once used doing more dangerous things (hunting, fighting other males for females, defending themselves, etc.) to do productive and innovative things like invent, design and come up with ideas, leaving the women to raise and bear children like they had always done. Males are the worker gender; they are biological slaves to females because they don't have as much input into reproduction, but the fact that they are the working gender has led them to become more productive and innovative in today's times.

Everything you said seems to make sense, I'm just pointing out further what happened as humans evolved and the role of men and women beyond the biological aspects.

#212761 - 01/04/07 04:15 AM Re: Men are Slaves [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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But in all seriousness.
I think this has all gone a bit too far.

The way I see it is behind every great man there is an even greater woman.

Yes, women love to say that. I don't know if it's necessarily true. But women do love to say it.

And we're all supposed to nod along.

This hasn't 'gone too far,' by the way...

It's just playtime. Nothing to be taken so terribly seriously.

When I said it has all gone too far, I had feminism in mind and not the Topic at hand, my fault for not being clearer there.

I find this thread hilarious and Thank Warlock Leviathan for such a hot topic, the responses have given me a chuckle

Love the neverending "Battle of the Sex's"
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