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#22200 - 01/19/04 11:48 PM Death, Eulogy, and a Lesson
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**Disclaimer - this is a personal tribute mostly, I acknowledge that it will not be to me what it is to the rest of you, but I consider remembering where you came from, and utilizing it for your better future as Satanic. You have been warned

Three days ago marked the end of my great-grandmother's life. One I can say was filled with uphill battles, and reverie as well thanks to the many accounts she regaled us with in my younger years. She was the last of those in my line that immigrated here to the States from Germany. The rest of us are mixed breeds of American. She spent Ninety years here, and lived her days to their fullest, right up until the last one. The Mass gathered family members that would have otherwise not seen each other for decades, which as one who enjoyed the company of her family, she would have loved. Most importantly though is the legacy left behind. Actions always speak louder, and those who live life in action will ultimately leave a larger mark. To move always forward is key in life.

The day was full of recalling past times spent in her company. She was an old-school catholic, but always kept an open mind. She also kept her family close, and was elated for every christmas, thanksgiving, and easter that we congregated (which is rare for most of my family), wined, dined, and enjoyed merriment. Shit happens, but there is always time for fun.

Customs and values get passed from mother to daughter, and father to son, and this was no exception. We still enjoy goetta and brownbread as often as possible, reverie in family gatherings, and live as kings of our time. That brings me to a point. Time.

It is not on our side.

1914 - 2004 is appropriate for one thing, the "-". Simplified, that short amount of time you have can be spent doing one of two things. Nothing or Something. Now the "something" can be a number of things, so long as it is worthwhile. Otherwise, you might as well be doing nothing. In reality, you exist only as a number, here is in the States its in form of XXX-XX-XXXX, you decide whether you name holds any meaning. Decide to get your shit together, and do something with your "-", or die as a statistic only.

This is what I took from her life. Not a lesson newly learned, but instead a reinforcement for the philosophy, and actions I have taken in my life. I know where I have been, what has brought me to where I am now, and move into my future with enough determination and confidence to know that when it is over, I will have lived my life fully, and accomplished that which I had set out to do.

She will be missed.

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#22201 - 01/20/04 02:35 AM Re: Death, Eulogy, and a Lesson [Re: Solomon]
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I extend to you my sympathies on your loss.

It would seem your grandmother passed to you some important values.

Remember them and you will always remember her.


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