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#22285 - 01/23/04 08:20 AM Re: Greater Magic [Re: C_D_McKinna]
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Well said sir. I agree that society is seriously fucked up in the way it deals with emotions and their affects on people. If my magical rituals did nothing more than allow me to release pent up emotion it would be a worthy and intelligent thing to do.
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#22286 - 01/27/04 08:33 AM Re: Greater Magic [Re: Mr_Atrox]
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::tiki::As a continuation on the topic ::tiki::
My own explorations into the realms of magical practice have divulged a great deal of information. We interpret through our senses-all of them. I therefore attempt, through ritual, to indulge them to the fullest possible extent. Music for the ears, elixir for the palate, various scents for smell and taste, and props galore for the eyes and touch. But, I do not randomly assemble these devices. I try and view them as a whole and attempt, when presenting a ritual in it's entirety, to do so seamlessly.
Some of my better results have come about when I've achieved a certain 'richness' of effect within the ritual chamber. When the parts become a whole, the 'texture' of which envelopes all senses. Color,for myself, is very important to this end. As well as patterns. Fabrics used tend to be intricately embroidered and of deeper hues. But the use of pattern also extends into the placing of objects, such as candles. There must exist a visual,emotional and textural symmetry. I find that some of my larger 'Color Field' paintings are extremley effective and useful in this capacity. They add a rich, pure form of emotion.
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#22287 - 01/29/04 03:12 AM Re: Greater Magic [Re: Mr_Atrox]

One thing that will enhance your Lesser Magic and Greater Magic is a study and application of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

#22288 - 01/30/04 02:33 AM Highlights.
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