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#22509 - 01/21/04 10:10 PM Shortening my name.
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I know there has been threads about changing ones name before. But in my case, itís different. As you may know, in some countries people have more than one second name. In my case, Iím planning to take out one of my second names and keep the other. So it wonít be exactly a change of name, but more like a shortening. The legal process to cut out the superfluous name will take some time and I would like to apply for my registered membership soon.

May I apply for my card using the short version, even when legally I still have the superfluous word?

Or I need to wait until Iím legally free of that extra word in the middle?
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#22510 - 01/22/04 03:03 AM Re: Shortening my name. [Re: Old_Pig]
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I would suggest that this should be posted in the Questions for the Church of Satan section, or addressed by a direct e-mail to Magistra Nadramia.
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