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#225972 - 03/06/07 03:46 PM Willing things to happen.
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Is it possible to make something happen without directly being involved? Let's say someone screws you over, and you want revenge. Can you actually will, into existance, a circumstance that will cause the person harm?
I have heard of a metaphysical construct (i forgot the name) that says if you think about something enough, eventually it will occur.
I am just curious if this is what the CoS's idea of "magic" is based on.
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#225973 - 03/06/07 06:36 PM What the COS idea of magic is based on. [Re: Fizx]
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Read The Satanic Bible.

The entire answer to your question is carefully explained in this book if you are willing to read it.

If you are unwilling to read it then you should not be asking such questions.

Unlike many message boards that feel obligated to answer any and all casual or off-the-cuff questions posed, here you are first expected to do your homework.

As a student of mathematics you should easily appreciate this.

P.S. As a mentor in physics you should also be well acquainted with the evidence to support the modern notion of "nonlocality" as a direct and most physical example of "spooky action at a distance" as Einstein put it.
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