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#22597 - 01/22/04 03:45 PM How do I know?

Since I was a baby I always doubted almost very many things. have read the Satanic Bible and love what I read about Satanism. It felt like I could agree with all of it. So I feel I am a Satanist. But what if I doubt in many years or maybe short time? Have the people here who have experience doubted? Is feeling that you are described perfectly in the Satanic bible enough to say I am a satanist?

#22598 - 01/22/04 03:59 PM Re: How do I know?
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With a little searching, you will find that your questions have already been answered.


Born- Not Made
"Real strength never impairs beauty or harmony, but it often bestows it; and in everything imposingly beautiful, strength has much to do with the magic."
-Herman Melville

#22599 - 01/22/04 04:01 PM Re: How do I know?
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Is feeling that you are described perfectly in the Satanic bible enough to say I am a satanist?

I don't know. Is it?

Some might say that the literal answer to your question is yes, but the fact of the question being asked at all means the answer is really no.

If everyone here says you are not a Satanist, (not that I am predicting that), will you accept that and go away?

(Not that I am suggesting that).

What would you then be, if not a Satanist?

Or will you be a Satanist, here or anywhere else, because you just ARE a Satanist, and can't "be" anything else?

Are you window shopping for a philosophy of life?

Or did you discover that your philosophy of life already has a name, Satanism?

Think for yourself... it pays better than the alternative.

Oh, and Hi!

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#22600 - 01/22/04 04:08 PM Re: How do I know? [Re: Quaark]

Great answer. You seem very intelligent. The link from Coronach was also very interesting.

Yes I see your point no I am not windowshopping (hehe) for a philosophy. This is just my general attitude. I am very sceptic.

But, yes, I know I'm a satanist. I just think doubt is always also very healthy for the mind.


#22601 - 01/22/04 04:16 PM Re: How do I know?

doubt though can also lead to failure. when one doubts exstensively (depending on what one is doubting of course)one can fall into a very rotten trap called depression which leads to one failing at many things thereby becoming weak minded themselves.

doubt can be good too, yet it can also be very dangerous as well when not kept in check.

#22602 - 01/22/04 04:18 PM Re: How do I know?

But i read the satanic bible a few weeks ago only. i don't think i doubt too long.

#22603 - 01/22/04 04:42 PM Re: How do I know? [Re: Quaark]

I have ordered The Satanic Ritual and Devils Notebooks and Satan Speaks from Amazon. Cant wait to read them! LaVey was a intelligent man (and sort of sexy).

#22604 - 01/22/04 06:08 PM Re: How do I know?
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Have the people here who have experience doubted?

If they have doubts about being a Satanist, then they really don't belong here. (Although I'm quite sure some of them have had doubts...those individuals usually don't last very long, I'm afraid.)


But what if I doubt in many years or maybe short time?

Sounds to me like you already have those doubts.

Let me save you some time: If you must ask, then the answer is no.
"Stupid people do stupid things... smart people outsmart each other... then themselves." --DDevil-SOAD

#22605 - 01/22/04 06:14 PM Re: How do I know? [Re: Scratch]
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I'll take cynical doubt followed by questions to blind faith anyday.
Indulge! Roxie

#22606 - 01/22/04 06:18 PM Re: How do I know?

I personally believe that if you don`t question what you read and take it for what it is and thats that, you don`t get the full learning experience. If you don`t get the full learning experience how do you form an opinion that is not ignorant? I have questioned many things in the Satanic Bible and I have come up with the answers on my own through study, my morals and my beliefs...
Don`t let some of the people on here get you down...

#22607 - 01/22/04 06:32 PM Re: How do I know? [Re: Roxxxadelic]

I agree. I think just doing everything in the satanic bible without thinking would be against the basic principles like i have understood them. I am glad not everybody thinks same here or it would be a fucking sect.

thanks! and Hail Satan!

#22608 - 01/22/04 06:33 PM Re: How do I know?

And may I say that talking to you gives me a good impression of Satanism. I agree with you. And thanks!

#22609 - 01/22/04 07:21 PM Re: How do I know?
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The main thing you may want to ask your self is, "do I just agree with the Satanic Bible, or do I identify with it?" There is a difference. Does it come naturally for you to utilize Satanic principals or do you have to make a major effort so you can feel like you belong to something?
They are doomed because they cannot even glimpse beyond the construct that their masters have put into place. Their masters are doomed because they believe in the construct they created.

#22610 - 01/22/04 07:25 PM Re: How do I know? [Re: J. Hagalaz]
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Excellent way of putting it.

To try is to lie, after all. I mean, sure, as a 13-year-old or whatever I was, I did have to learn how to socialize with people, how to be responsible, how to dress for success, etc. But, that was a maturity and development issue--at core level, I understood and related to LaVey's writings, and I filled in blanks that baffled in others.

If you really have to *strive* to implement Satanic techniques--meaning, you have to try, and it feels difficult or really awkward-- that's often a sign that you are not really Satanic.

If a Satanist or a Satanic text gives you a new idea and that new idea makes sense to you and you can easily implement the suggestions tied to that, that's different, and you're still in the clear.
"Gentlemen, the verdict is guilty, on all ten counts of first-degree stupidity. The penalty phase will now begin."--Divine, "Pink Flamingos."

"The strong rule the weak, and the cunning rule over all." HS!

#22611 - 01/22/04 07:31 PM Re: How do I know? [Re: TrojZyr]

I like the way George Lucas put it in one of the star wars movies..............

"No try! Do or do not!"
Yoda to Luke Skywalker in the swamps of Dagoba

Either we're going to implement it or not to sum up what you said TrojZyr

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