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#227794 - 03/13/07 03:40 PM The Red Card
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I just recently finished the Satanic Bible. Not only did I enjoy the text, but I savored every word, reading it aloud. Everything that Dr. LaVey wrote made sense to me (with the exception of the words "Yankee Rose", which seem to be a fun mystery up for interpretation.). Every chapter brought new revolation. It was as if Dr. LaVey opened up the very contents of my being, and laid them all upon the pages of the book. In return for awakening me in my purest form, I wish to join the Church founded by this man. Though one small detail concerns me.

The Red Card. I have heard little about the card itself, except that it is red. I am concerned about the possibility of it falling into the wrong hands since I am indeed human, and prone to make mistakes. What all information, if any, is contained on a member's card? I plan on becoming a High School teacher, and even speculation can ruin a teacher's career. I am also somewhat of a public figure who is internationally recognized.

Any information you can give or direct me to is much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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The card has your name, signature and your membership number.

If you have concerns about harming your career or prospects through association with the Church of Satan, please, do not join. Our religion does not require martyrs.
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Please email me with your membership questions - PMs may not be answered.

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