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#231450 - 03/30/07 09:34 PM I need a link to Anton LaVey's personal sigil? Edited
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I am working on a painting, and need a link to a good clear pic of Mr. LaVey's personal sigil.
Anybody who could help will get a copy of the painting free of charge.
Thanks for the help.

Strength Through Joy!

P.s My intent in calling Anton LaVey by his sir name was not intended as an insult.
I apolologize for offending any person here.

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#231451 - 03/30/07 10:38 PM Re: I need a link to Anton's personal sigil? [Re: hate9m]
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While I might ordinarily consider helping out with such a request I find the gross disrespect shown by calling Doktor LaVey by his first name so offputting I will instead invite you to bugger off.

As Florence King wrote, "Familiarity does not breed contempt, it is contempt."
Empty heads babble the most.

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#231452 - 03/31/07 06:33 AM Re: I need a link to Anton's personal sigil? [Re: MagisterRose]
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