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#232316 - 04/03/07 03:35 PM Hello, I have some questions
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Hi, I'm a Penn State student doing a religion/culture project for an anthropology project. Rather than doing it on the established; judaism, islam, christianity, buddhism, etc. I chose to do a topic that is not mainstream and in my opinion more interesting. That is why I chose Satanism. I have read the Satanic Bible and am very interested in the philosophy and beliefs. I have some questions on some topics that either need clarified or things that I wish to expand upon, and I would like first hand knowledge. I would highly appreciate any help that anyone is willing to offer. I have no intention of bashing the religion, I'm only doing a scholarly study. I also have personal interests as an amateur religious scholar. Any answers that are provided I may quote in a report or presentation, although I will respect peoples anonymity unless they wish to be known. For the sake of organization I will be making a post for each topic. For this post it would be helpful to tell me any general insights or things that you wish me to know that are not covered in other questions.

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You might be better served by e-mailing your questions to the Administration of the CoS rather than posting them here.
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I did email them but they sent me here. I think that this is better since here I can get a wider audience with differing opinions.

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Also, read this thread.

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