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#23231 - 01/30/04 10:02 PM Re: Hues of Blue [Re: Scratch]
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Ways I cheer up:

Dress up in my best suit and go for a quiet walk at night.

Cuddle with my kitties.

Saw away ferociously on the violin with some hard and mean fiddle tunes.

Watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles .

Blast Mozart's Requiem or Beethoven's 9th Symphony over the stereo and get jiggy.

Treat my kid brother to a movie and goodies.
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#23232 - 02/15/04 12:30 PM Re: Hues of Blue [Re: Scratch]
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I seriosuly think the best thing one can do (this works for me at least) is to spend time with good (true) friends. LaVey said that the best protection against curses from others was to surround yourself with friends and lovers, and this is certainly very true! Sometimes when I'm "down" I want to be alone, but it's always a good thing when friends drag you out for a good time!
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#23233 - 02/15/04 03:48 PM Re: Hues of Blue [Re: Scratch]

Mm, seems we deal with ‘blues’ in the same fashion my dear.
I’m big on a round of retail therapy when I’m feeling down, and I venture out and buy myself extremely girly items to cheer myself up.
Make-up, jewelry, perfume, body lotion, etc.
A good book always cheers me too… a crime fiction novel, or an autobiography of someone I admire.
Music soothes me also… classical is great - Bach in particular… or Chopin’s Romantic works.

My kitty cats NEVER fail to raise my spirits either.
Cats are marvelous creatures … bless their velvet paws.
They never judge you, and mine seem to always know when I’m sad – and instantly start to distract me by getting me to play with them.
It's lovely.

#23234 - 02/16/04 10:56 AM Re: Hues of Blue [Re: Scratch]

Whenever I get down or feeling blue, I go for a run or hit the gym. Especially if I am angry about something - working out until my muscles scream clears my head and refreshes my whole attitude.

Or, I go out shopping and buy some gorgeous and over-priced shoes and lingerie. Very feminine things to lift my spirits (even if I am the only one around to enjoy them, they are, for me, after all)

#23235 - 02/16/04 12:03 PM Re: Hues of Blue [Re: Scratch]
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I get in my car, drive to BFE (County Road 13).
Blast some noise or grindcore in my car and scream along nonsense with it.

Exercise also helps but it scares my roommates in an "American Psycho" kind of way.

Often after both of these methods I end up laughing to the point that it hurts at my own silly behavior and inner ranting.

#23236 - 02/17/04 12:04 AM Re: Hues of Blue [Re: Scratch]

When I am feeling down, there are a few things I can do for myself to lift the spirits.Play with my insane puppies, you know, unconditional fuzzy love. reading, music, draawing, designing clothes....dressing up in girly clothes and having fun with make up always helps too.

#23237 - 02/17/04 12:32 PM Re: Hues of Blue [Re: Scratch]
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I conjure, then create. I tend to keep my plate rather full, so that I always have something to work on. This offers me a way to channel my intense emotions toward something productive and tangible (and hopefully profitable). The way I see it, "negative" emotions are only negative if you allow them to be an obstacle.

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