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I am not new to the beliefs of satanism.I am only new to the practices, and want to understand.let me explain.
ever since I was a kid I never believed in any sort of god, or "higher" being.tho I got involved in works of magic and spells at a young age and still continue with them since theyv proven successful.It really fucked up things for me when I was reading books on wicca and paganism ,because it was telling me to worship these false idols which I couldnt do, I could never do a spell straight from a book, I always had to create my own , to go by my beliefs,taking out all the god/goddess shit that it was coverd in.and the spells still worked.
then I found that satanism sharred the same beliefs i go by and i didnt have to change them for a religion.but i have one satanists perform spell work?I really dont know.all i know is that i have certain goals that i want to get to and I want to know how you reach them.I havent read much on satanism, tho Im starting my reading tomarow, but I just want to be sure that I could still have some sort of help or push in getting my shit straight.

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Read "The Satanic Bible" by Anton LaVey at the very least before you come here. Your question will be answered when you do.

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Loc: A sleepy little hollow in Flor... go to 'Theory-Practice' page....then go to and buy the book THE SATANIC BIBLE!
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