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#23302 - 01/30/04 04:09 PM Re: Versions of The Satanic Bible?
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The issue is not that there are no qualified translators who could translate the TSB -- I simply don't know any publisher in my country who has enough money and courage to bring out the tome. Perhaps this would change with time.

I haven't had any problems getting the books a few years ago, and since at 1st of May Hungary will join the European Union as a member, it would be even more easier to buy them. Currently I own a copy of The Satanic Bible, The Satanic Rituals, Satanic Witch (the one with orange covers), The Devil's Notebook, Satan Speaks and The Secret Life of a Satanist. What I was trying to express is that it's not hard at all to buy these books, but there are a lot of people who are too cheap (the dictionary says that I should use the word 'jerkwater', but I've never encountered this before...), and at the same time they're posing as some kind of sages or gurus, and I simply don't want to waste my time reading or moderating their posts. I had a forum before, but it was raided by trolls and "teenage satanists", so I removed it. Currently there's a special kind of guestbook on my site, called "Vomitory", which deletes every post which is older than 24 hrs. It works well enough.

#23303 - 01/30/04 10:18 PM Re: Versions of The Satanic Bible? [Re: Powaqqatsi]
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#485921 - 02/01/13 10:05 PM Re: Versions! [Re: calgarysatanic]
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I see this thread is many years old, but I had been searching for some answers and this may be the best place I have found thus far to get a straight answer...

I remember when I first encountered the Satanic Bible, it had many pictures inside of it which are not found in today's version.

I clearly remember vignettes of things such as the "Kiss of Shame" on two demons -- one facing towards you and one facing away from you. I also remember another vignette where the altar being used was a nude woman, and I know there were many more, but I cannot remember any others past those two.

Does anyone else remember or have those photos in any of their versions, by chance?

Thank you for taking the time to read this posting.

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