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#233645 - 04/11/07 01:52 PM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Magister Frost]
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Nice and steady work, Magister Ventrue.
Dedication is always nice to see.

(That bright colour really felt as if one was posting at noon without shades).

Time does not imply evolution. Very true. We are stepping back. One generates haunting monsters that generate haunting monsters on an endless spiral of misunderstanding, unsolved needs, moral amulets eradicating both the sickness and the cure.
I see a bunch of men raging at the void, haunted by their own inventions. Absurd. Totally absurd.

#233688 - 04/11/07 03:13 PM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Magister Frost]
S_Magazine Offline
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The feel and colors of the board will change, don't freak out!

I like the blue skin. Nice, soothing, and not at all harsh on the eyes.

I like some of the things you can do with the text, too.
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#233696 - 04/11/07 03:30 PM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Magister Frost]
Maqlu Offline
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Excellent work, Magister Ventrue!

Quick question: Are the nifty little devil graemlins one of the missing features that will be added back? (Just because I really love the Evil laughing face and the Coop Devil.)


#233701 - 04/11/07 03:40 PM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Magister Frost]
Shiva Offline
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I've been exploring around here on and off all day ... I really like what I've been seeing!

And of course, I really love the blue color scheme. \:\)

Thank you very much, Magister Ventrue.
Rev. Shiva Rodriguez
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"The ugliest of trades have their moments of pleasure. Now, if I were a grave-digger, or even a hangman, there are some people I could work for with a great deal of enjoyment." - Douglas Jerrold

#233707 - 04/11/07 04:16 PM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Magister Frost]
Wolf Offline
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Very nice colour and still finding new features; wonderful work, Magister Ventrue! And what a lot of work that must have been!
Hails to Thee!
~ ... and the twisting, sacred Spiral formed by the Serpent of the Caduceus, and by the spinning of the galaxies, is also the same Leviathan as the Spiral of the biologist' Code of Life : DNA ~

#233709 - 04/11/07 04:23 PM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Magister Frost]
Danny Mc. Offline
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Thank you Magister Ventrue. The new format is wonderful. You are a great Satanist indeed! Your work is deeply appreciated.

"To be born into this world a sentient, self-conscious and reasoning being, surrounded by inexhaustible glories in Nature, which we may comprehend, possess,enjoy; to be able to rise on the wings of a lofty imagination; to be able to get glimpses of the ideally perfect; to apprehend the Divine; it is to the development and enjoyment of these high powers that the young man is invited. How dare he refuse to qualify himself by the most perfect training of all his powers." Lyman J. Gage 1910

"Follow Me!", John M. (Delta).

"I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to others - they are more screwed up than you think." Something Magistra Isabel posted. laugh

#233710 - 04/11/07 04:34 PM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Magister Frost]
DraconisLuciferi Offline

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Magister Ventrue, You have out done yourself with this upgrade.
Draconia Lucifera

#233722 - 04/11/07 05:41 PM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Magister Frost]
dragondancer Offline

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Things look stellar, as usual. Loving all the new features. Many thanks to you for all your hard work!

I too miss all the little gremlins, I hope they will return.

Hail Satan!
"It does take an exceptional mind and a still more exceptional integrity to remain untouched by the brain-destroying influences of the world's doctrines, the accumulated evil of the centuries-to remain human, since the human is the rational." Dr. Akston in Atlas Shrugged

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#233723 - 04/11/07 05:47 PM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: dragondancer]
Rory_Rocketpants Offline
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One criticism, I think you should have made it with a lime green background and luminescent pink strobe letters.... ;\)

Great work!

#233770 - 04/11/07 09:47 PM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Magister Frost]
Alia Offline
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At first I did freak out, but now I'm loving it!

Thank you, Magister Ventrue. I love what you've done.

Carpe Noctem

#233781 - 04/11/07 11:00 PM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Magister Frost]
Chess Offline
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There have already been a lot of posts thanking the Magister. And as accustomed as I am to going against the group... dang it, sometimes the group is right!

This is quite possibly the single best-run forum on the entire Net. It was before the upgrade, and it's even better now... and I say that knowing that I (as still-unaffiliated rabble -- have patience!) can't even see the best parts!

Hail upgrades!

Hail Ventrue!

Hail Satan!


#233801 - 04/12/07 01:17 AM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Svengali]
Mr_47 Offline
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Loc: Pure Imagination
I have to agree with Magister Svengali. I myself have acheived a much higher level of traffic towards my own projects as well as being able to collaborate with others thanks to the resources this messageboard provides.

Thank you, Magister Ventrue.

#233812 - 04/12/07 02:50 AM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Magister Frost]
ShadowDragon Offline

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Thank you for the Upgrade, Magister Ventrue. I was wondering till I had read this post about the colors. It was quite harsh to the eyes the way it started out, but the blue really made the difference. Very smooth, and not harsh on the eyes. Very nicely done! \:\) I imagine the rest of the options will come slowly, knowing your a very busy man. So I look foward to seeing the rest of the features as they come. \:D
Hail Satan!

To Light a Candle,is to Cast a Shadow.

#233818 - 04/12/07 04:23 AM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Svengali]
The_Sixth_Circle Offline
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The Bill Gates of Satanism?

Nah, Bill Gates keeps fucking things up; Magister Ventrue doesn't.
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#233819 - 04/12/07 04:29 AM Re: The New LttD Upgrade [Re: Magister Frost]
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Wonderful job! Looks fantastic, features are great but I'm a little worried about my Summer Games score...
Hail Satan!

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