One pair of teenage boys thought I was seriously employed, and reasoned that if they could get me to take my head off, I'd get into trouble, and if I refused, they could needle me. So, one offered me his soda, I removed my head (clumsily), and took a swig--hell, the suit was hot! He said he'd just been joking, I put my head back on, and told him with a swish of my tail that Clifford takes things very seriously.

The part I loved was eavesdropping on people's phone conversations and responding to what they were saying. Now, if you were to do this in real life, you'd get hit. But, this one girl totally got into it, and began having a three-way conversation involving both me and the guy on the other end. She was like, "I'm telling Clifford that you got a ticket. Yeah, Clifford. The dog. I'm totally serious. He's right here."
"Gentlemen, the verdict is guilty, on all ten counts of first-degree stupidity. The penalty phase will now begin."--Divine, "Pink Flamingos."

"The strong rule the weak, and the cunning rule over all." HS!