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#140499 - 01/27/06 11:27 AM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: Helliott]
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The demon skull was inspired by a pair of jeans, of all things.

I recently heard of a new Swedish jean designer who uses an inverted cross as his company's logo. Seems he uses it just for the sake of being anti- christian. Was this the same company, I wonder?

The skulls Jnco uses are a bit prettier than Cheap Monday's. Cheap Monday is the company in Sweden that made an "anti-christ" label of jeans.

If you ask me, the logo looks like it's a happy skull with a dent in its forehead.

#140500 - 01/31/06 11:01 AM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: DragoBloodlust]
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The second photo shows raging dog in the left corner and Will and Grace on TV .


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one of my favorite Floyd songs. Thanks for reminding me of it .

#140501 - 01/31/06 12:18 PM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: Redhead]
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I was wondering what show that was.
Hell of All Hells

#140502 - 01/31/06 12:59 PM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: Redhead]
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Yea, you got me, I watch Will & Grace. What can I say, Jack and Karen crack me up. Plus, I think Debra Messing is hot.

I didnt notice that at first, but someone on another forum pointed that out to me.
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#140503 - 01/31/06 01:42 PM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: DragoBloodlust]
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I think this one says it all for me...

#140504 - 02/01/06 05:34 AM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: DragoBloodlust]
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How beautiful!!Unfortunately they don't suitable for me~~Perhaps I can make a countercross tatto?~~

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#140505 - 02/06/06 09:15 AM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: DragoBloodlust]
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hey, I've had my inverted cross since the day LaVey died (tattooed before the event). can't say it's anything special, but I must thank Anton for his soul, it was very kind of him to offer, shame his death was not through scarilege, else i'd have let him go...

nice artwork btw.

#140506 - 02/06/06 10:01 AM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: Kyrusfables]
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The full moon was last week. So why are we getting so many people on stupid pills lately?
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#140507 - 02/07/06 04:20 PM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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In my updated avatar, you can see my tattoo. That's the only one I have for now, but I always hear that it is fairly hard to stop with one.
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#140508 - 04/09/07 06:08 PM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: DragoBloodlust]
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Myself I have about 70+ hours worth of tattooing so far,but Satanic wise I have a wolfsagle rune on the back of my neck and a Brimstone on my wrist. I'll try to get pictures if anyone would like to see them.
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#140509 - 04/10/07 08:33 AM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: DragoBloodlust]
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There is quite the list of folks here who are displaying some great works! I have one on the back of my leg that my Queen did on me a few years back when I taught her how to do it. (It is one of only a few she ever did) The work was a version of the sigil that I customized for myself.
I have only done a few on other people that outright display one of the many classic symbols of Satanism. However, I have done many demons, and of course, I have done Paul Booth's baphomet (from his flash) a few times.

Thank you all for sharing your own Art on You!

Hail Thyself!
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#235652 - 04/15/07 12:54 PM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: DragoBloodlust]
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Sorry this is a bit late in posting but I dont usually have the most time in the world to do this stuff. This is curently the only tattoo I have. i am looking forward to having more soon, including this nice little piece of the devil holding a noose around the pope's neck for my left arm or shoulderblade...

*edit* I should also mention that in this picture the work was less than 24 hours old, done early October of last year.

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#235680 - 04/15/07 03:20 PM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: Catalyst]
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Nice work, it looks like an image of Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie.
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Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible

#235807 - 04/16/07 05:28 AM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: Catalyst]
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Very nice!!

The other idea of the Devil holding the pope's neck in a noose should look interesting ....

#235883 - 04/16/07 10:40 AM Re: Satanic Tattoos? [Re: DragoBloodlust]
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I have a brimstone sigil on my chest with black flames behind it, although I don't have a picture yet. I'll post one as soon as I get one. Nice tatts everyone.
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