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#239126 - 04/28/07 07:49 AM Re: Smoking [Re: Citizen Gift]
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I suppose its another example of the Law of the Forbidden maximizing my pleasure through my indulgences.

The Law of the Forbidden has absolutely nothing to do with your willingness to commit slow, painful suicide.

Try again.
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#239127 - 04/28/07 07:52 AM Re: Smoking [Re: Lazarus]
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I suppose I was out on a limb on that one...

#239128 - 04/28/07 07:56 AM Re: Smoking [Re: Citizen Gift]
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Indeed...we all live and live!

See the future by creating it.

#239136 - 04/28/07 08:29 AM Re: Smoking [Re: Citizen Gift]
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Ah the delusions of smokers.

Always trying to justify a disgusting, dangerous habit.

I should know, I quit earlier this year.
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#239204 - 04/28/07 02:30 PM Re: Smoking [Re: Tremelo]
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 Originally Posted By: Tremelo
Quite honestly.. I wouldn't want to live by the time I'd been smoking long enough to have lung cancer. By that time I myself would have figured out that life thereafter would be abstinence. Also, if I were to smoke that long and fall to addiction, I would no longer be the one in control of my life, which is again abstinence.

If I'm going to do something that harmful to myself, knowing full well the consequences, then I deserve inoperable tumors.

Just how many cigarettes do you suppose it takes to develop lung cancer? One? Ten? Six thousand? ANYTIME you light up you are taking a risk that you may develop some kind of cancer, be it lung, throat, mouth, lip, nasal...etc.

Sorry, but in my mind with smoking there is no indulgence vs. compulsion. The risk is there regardless...just like unprotected sex. What matters is whether you think risking your life is worth the pleasure of the moment.

I prefer indulging in self preservation, but that's just me.

Hail Satan!
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#239215 - 04/28/07 03:47 PM Re: Smoking [Re: Lazarus]
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 Originally Posted By: Lazarus
we all live

I agree.

 Originally Posted By: Lazarus
we all learn

I disagree. ;\)

#239505 - 04/30/07 12:42 AM Re: Smoking [Re: Tremelo]
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To answer your question, yes there is a way to enjoy your nicotine without burning away your lungs, it's a device that pretty much steams the nicotine out of the tobacco and then you such it through a straw as gas without all the other harmful nastiness. Though the device is mostly used for other types of unmentioned herbs. I think the last I had seen of the device, it cost somewhere around the price range of one hundred to two hundred American dollars.
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#465510 - 12/07/11 04:05 AM Re: Smoking [Re: Citizen Gift]
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I think smoking chigarettes makes you slave for nicotine and when you hook yourself you are not making your own decision. Its drug wichc kills your free will
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#465533 - 12/07/11 08:52 AM Re: Smoking [Re: Tremelo]
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The risks of Pleasure
Often outweigh
The Law the Self-preservation.

Edited: My apologies for posting to a five year old thread. smile

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