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#238212 - 04/23/07 03:08 AM Safe Mode?
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Not that I really used it all that much, but I was curious if “safe mode” was live somewhere or will be up in the future? I used the old url and got the old letters board pre-move.
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#238251 - 04/23/07 08:39 AM Re: Safe Mode? [Re: ABZU]
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Yeah, I have not setup the new "safe mode" version yet. Once the domains are moved to the new server and everything is working as it should I will setup a new safe mode system.

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#239351 - 04/29/07 12:48 PM Re: Safe Mode? [Re: Magister Frost]
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I'm highly interested in this "safe mode," but unfortunately have never used this function. Could anyone enlight me as to the "safe mode's" website address? Also, what makes it "safe"? Is it something like a lack of graphics and stuff like that? Lastly, what would be best to visit LTTD Firefox or Internet Explorer? I mean IE is notorious for allowing a, generally, greater third-party control in internet surfing.

#304942 - 02/08/08 09:50 AM Re: Safe Mode? [Re: ABZU]
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Any more news on this endeavour?

I quite enjoyed the old safe mode…



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