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#238500 - 04/24/07 12:02 PM Re: Satanism and Eugenics [Re: The_Sixth_Circle]
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I am completely with you, on this topic. My wife is severely diabetic. Rather than having a biological child, who may very well have to go through the living hell of living with a debilitating disease, we have adopted a child. Fortunately, we were unable to have children. But, why let chance dictate what traits are carried on? I would very much support a system of voluntary sterilization, where incentives are given to forego childbirth, if there is a pressing need to supress certain traits, such as insulin resistance, in my wife's case. The degree to which this system could go would depend on each society. For instance, incentive could be given simply to those with genetic issues. Other societies may be comfortable giving incentives to those whose intelligence is below a certain level. If people in those situations are honest, they would choose not to have those handicaps, even if it meant they were very different people.

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#239123 - 04/28/07 07:41 AM Re: Satanism and Eugenics [Re: TheNaturalForce]
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Unfortunately, natural selection is taking us down this path. Natural selection works by the passing down of a genetic code, with humans not much more than vehicles for said genes. If the stupid, dumb, insensitive and useless (read, "unemployed, welfare-dependent, white trash scumbags) breed more than the bright, talented, decisive and dedicated, which they currently do, there is only one place for it all to go. While this shouldn't happen, that's what you get with Utopian, left-wing ideals.

I also recommend you read "Incompitence" (spelling correct) by Rob Grant. British people may be familiar with Mr. Grant as he scripted "Red Dwarf"; but rest assured, this book is by far the greatest of his works.
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#299433 - 01/18/08 01:23 PM Re: Satanism and Eugenics [Re: Lust]
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Thank you, Tier Instinct, for sharing with us
I.I. Gottesman's definition of eugenics.

For anyone who has ever worked with the mentally-ill
(as I have), the mentally-retarded, or at the
item return station at Wal-Mart, I stand confident
in the knowledge that a eugenics revolution will
come very soon; both to create "Supermen and Superwomen"
(as may be found in the COS and TOV) but also more
salivating, t.v.-hypnotized drones, (in order to make
the multi-national corporations rich!).

The slaves of the latter 21st century will not be found
in rock quarries and cotton fields, but rather in living
rooms, on comfortable chairs and sofas, cosigning their
very souls away to QVC and HSN-- one mouse-click at a time!
This could also be said of home pizza delivery and all
other conveniences that require little or no movement.

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#299464 - 01/18/08 05:21 PM Re: Satanism and Eugenics [Re: The_Sixth_Circle]
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Outstanding post, sir. I'm glad someone decided to resurrect it.

For a long time I'd been rather frustrated when people spoke of Eugenics in discussions or even arguments. I knew for sure they did not know what the word really meant, but neither did I, so I did not voice my concern. But your post has been most informative, and pretty much verified what I assumed all along. Which was, most simply, selective human breeding. The problem stemming from what criteria one uses to determine negative eugenics and positive eugenics.

Thank you for making this post.

#299586 - 01/19/08 07:57 AM Re: Satanism and Eugenics [Re: The_Sixth_Circle]
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I think that this is a tricky subject to make a judgement about.
Of course it is desirable that we no longer have children getting pregnant and that brutish imbeciles are prevented from breeding.
As for intelligent people breeding with other intelligent people and producing intelligent children- I believe that this happens already. I could be wrong.

My biggest reservation about eugenics is related to the little I know about selective breeding in animals. Aren't pedigree dogs, for example, more prone to health problems than mongrels? I remember reading somewhere that hip dysplasia is a big problem for dogs.
What are the chances of this happening to the humans produced by eugenics?

#299626 - 01/19/08 10:27 AM Re: Satanism and Eugenics [Re: mattevans]
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That is true. There are dogs that are born with very serious health problems due to the nature of their breeding. For example, I know that English Bulldogs have respirtory problems from the inbreeding that was utilized to create the special hybrid that they are. They were initially bred to be used as entertainment taking down bulls (thus the name). These incredibly powerful dogs would latch on to the bulls at the jugular (that's why they such a massive underbite - another trait from the breeding) and bring the huge beast to the ground - usually on top of themselves. However, since the dogs had been bred with big shoulders and recessed nose, they could breath underneath the bull until it was rolled off of them. The added bonus is that these dogs are naturally, unbelievably, friendly with humans - especially children. The sad bottom line is that as wonderful as these dogs are through the generations of specific breeding and inbreeding; they are also dogs with natural health problems and shorter lifespans.

Humans have encountered similar "defects" through selective breeding. Tutankhamen is the classic example of this. His health problems and mishapen head are a result of "keeping the royal bloodline pure".

However, in both cases, the gene pools were very limited. With today's technology we can literally reach around the globe to meet other like-minded individuals. Further, you can not subtract Love from the equation. We simply would not choose a "mate" - we choose "partners" - others we can truly share our lives with intellectually, emotionally, physcially, etc. Now the "pool" has millions of choices and the chances of inbreeding are slim to say the least.

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#299628 - 01/19/08 10:28 AM Re: Satanism and Eugenics [Re: mattevans]
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 Originally Posted By: mattevans

What are the chances of this happening to the humans produced by eugenics?

I doubt most Satanists are seeking to breed the "Aryan race".

Gene flow (what you're talking about) wouldn't be a major issue unless you were breeding for very, very, specific traits, within a small population. A Satanic form of eugenics would be more along the lines of eliminating weaknesses and diseases, along breeding those intelligent.
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#299645 - 01/19/08 11:39 AM Re: Satanism and Eugenics [Re: The_Sixth_Circle]
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"Temporary sterilization for children when they are at the beginning of their reproductive lives would be a huge start and one that I would personally champion. Not only would this have hugely beneficial social implications (smaller school classes, less hospital beds being taken up, less people on welfare, more jobs), itís the simplest way to ensure those without the necessary responsibility wonít breed. Iím sick to the bone every time I see a twelve or thirteen year old pregnant in the newspapers, as they are utterly flaunting the law and the law seems disinterested in doing something about it. And while there would be an outcry that civil liberties are being impinged, any reasonable moral person would need to consider the rights of an unborn child to be born into an environment that will help potential to blossom. Personally, I have no time for third-generation welfare dependents who continue to breed in order to get more money from the state. Again, eugenics could be a first step toward eliminating such things."

I see these circumstances and situations every so often and it completely sickens me. Fortunately, I live in an area where the breeders are practicing eugenics, whether they consciously recognize it or not. I also witness too many couples going through years of IVF only to have it end in miscarriage or stillbirth. Some people just cannot accept what is. Their genes simply do not reproduce. It's Darwinism and I feel enlightened to recognize it for what it is. The self-inflicted ignorance of the herd never ceases to cause me to grin and shake my head.
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#299826 - 01/20/08 08:08 AM Both good answers! [Re: Storm]
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That makes perfect sense. I think you're quite right that the limited gene pools from inbreeding are what caused the problems.

Interesting examples too, I know absolutely nothing about Tutankhamen but it sounds like it would be interesting to read about him.

Thank you.

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