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I have no idea what you've posted, other than what I can only assume from the title of the thread.

Writing something out has been proven to be a great tool of remembering and understanding something. Doing this also has an oppurtunity for personal aesthetics.

Have fun!

I did this once and still have and use my hand-written copy. Aesthetically, it suits my ritual needs--also practically, as the ritual segments were written larger for easier reading by candle light.

It is a large, lined black hardcover book with a silver Baphomet sigil on its front cover (I put the image there, it's was not bought that way). It begins with TSB, includes old personal rituals and old Bloodfire Grotto rituals, as well as bits and pieces of other books which I found useful and pertain to Satanic magic.

I remember in hand-writing my copy, I gained a deeper perspective--I noticed and pondered things I hadn't noticed before. I found it useful, though this wasn't my original intent.
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