I inserted some UBB into my last post. I didn't know the code, so I "clicked" the tool (Instant UBB Code... List Item). I got a dialog box titled "Explorer User Prompt" which read "Script Prompt: Enter the new list item. Note that each list group must be preceded by a List Start and the entire list group must end with a List End (in order to display"
under that was barely visible a couple dots which must have been the tops of a couple letters from whatever was supposed to follow the word "display". The words themselves were cut off due to the text entry box.
I assume that this is a problem with the script design versus my screen font size, though I am not using anything crazy like 26 point bold blah-de-blah. My PC is set-up fairly standard/default. I'd recommend a little more testing, or at the very least simply growing that dialog box.

Clearly, once one gets the hang of using UBB, one no longer needs to 'click' the UBB Code tools in the posting window, but since the tools are there, they ought to work for everyone, no?

Thanks in advance for looking into it.

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