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#24337 - 02/04/04 10:08 AM Re: Keeping Satanism Private - for now
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I have read a lot of your posts in this thread, and it seems to me that you are really jumping ahead of yourself. If you have not read the TSB, then don't worry about Greater Magic.

Unless you have something that is really giving you greif, then there is no reason to get into a rush.

My suggestion to you is to first focus on reading all of LaVey's published books, here you will discover if Satanism is really for you or not. In addition, it will give you a much better understanding of the religion. Then, you will begin to see things about yourself that you will want to improve. This is not to suggest you can make yourself a Satanist through improvement, but most juveniles aren't all-knowing in perfect physical shape with the big plan of what to do for the next 100 years all lined out before them. Perhaps you may want to read other books put out by Satanic hierarchy, and discover the Satanic reading list as suggested in other posts.

At this point you may want to perfect your lesser magic skills, which in a hostile household can be a very useful tool. Then, finally you may want to start working with Greater Magic to get results.

There is no reason to be in a rush, and if you feel rushed to get started, you will probably be unsuccessful. Take your time.

#24338 - 02/04/04 02:10 PM Re: Keeping Satanism Private - for now [Re: NaamahPink]

This is in reply to Jack_Malebranche, Naamahpink, and all others who posted under this topic:
Thank you for your help. My research last night was unsuccessful as I found nothing but earth-based/polytheistic bunk. I will continue my research today and will until I finally get myself a copy of The Satanic Bible. My interest in Satanism has been leaked very little in school - fellow students found it odd that I knew such a great amount about the Church of Satan, its founder, and other members and representatives. One kid asked, "Are you a Satanist? Do you worship the devil?" And I replied, "No. Merely myself."
Jack_Malebranche and I spoke in a private conversation about how Satanism isn't about being spoon fed information - it requires research and homework to decide for myself. And that I have learned and will apply the rest of my days.
Once again I thank you all for your help and will keep you posted on my progress with keeping Satanism private - for now.


#24339 - 02/05/04 12:47 AM Re: Keeping Satanism Private - for now [Re: MagisterParadise]
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Internet may not be accurate.

Indeed. The copy of TSB that's floating around the net is quite flawed. I think it was scanned and OCR'd, so there are a horrendous number of plain old spelling errors, or mis-OCR'd words. Also, there are entire paragraphs missing, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if there were more serious additions/omissions.

In Canada, Indigo will order it for you, Chapters usually keeps ONE copy in stock, and most used bookstores will have a copy or two. I much prefer having the physical book in my hands anyways, plus I get to know that the CoS gets to benefit from my having paid.
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#24340 - 02/05/04 04:26 AM Re: Keeping Satanism Private - for now [Re: MagisterParadise]
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Also buying the book "legally" shows more respect for Dr. Laveys work and Satanism in general.
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#24341 - 02/05/04 10:03 AM Re: Keeping Satanism Private - for now [Re: Prince_Satanicus]


Also buying the book "legally" shows more respect for Dr. Laveys work and Satanism in general.

Of course. I am continuing my search a real TSB.

#24342 - 02/05/04 12:02 PM Look no further....

Purchase the Satanic Bible New or Used

This should speed you on your way. And if you don't have the resources to purchase online, I am sure that you have at least ONE Barnes and Noble at your disposal in Las Vegas that surely has a copy in stock.



#24343 - 02/05/04 02:21 PM Re: Keeping Satanism Private - for now
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A couple of suggestions as to how to hide it from your parents.

1) Don't ever leave it at home. If you have a car put it there. Leave it at your locker at school. Just make sure it is not at home when you are not.

2)Recover it. Put a cover from the xian bible over the real cover or some other non-objectionable book cover.

3)Hide it really good. Tear up a corner of carpet in your room and stash it there. Tape it under a dresser drawer.

And as for finding it. You shouldn't have to much trouble locating it. You live in Vegas don't you?? Just head down to the mall and pick it up from the book stores there. Call ahead and make sure they have it in stock if you want.

Welcome aboard.
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#24344 - 02/05/04 02:26 PM Re: Keeping Satanism Private - for now [Re: vrspectre]

I have searched all around in my area, and have had no luck. Every Borders and Barnes and Noble within 20 miles, and even 2 different malls. I learned a friend of mine is purchasing it off, and I offered to buy it from him when he is done with a report he's writing on Satanism. We'll see how things pan out.

#24345 - 02/05/04 06:33 PM Re: Keeping Satanism Private - for now
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You can purchase The Satanic Bible from the CoS Emporium here:

The shipping is free, it will arrive in a plain yellow envelope and you can even pay for it with cash if you need to. Plus, you'll be supporting this messageboard's existance by shopping at the Emporium.


#24346 - 02/05/04 07:33 PM Re: Keeping Satanism Private - for now
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Have Borders order it for you.

It doesn't take long at all for the order to come in.
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#24347 - 02/05/04 07:48 PM Re: Keeping Satanism Private - for now [Re: RobertE]

[quote]Have Borders order it for you.

It doesn't take long at all for the order to come in. [/quote]

I will I will! I did get paid so I am GREATLY considering it .. I don't have a credit or debit card, just an ATM, so I will have a friend buy it for me and I'll give him cash for it, replace the cover, and be good to go. I plan on returning back to this post to update you guys on how my progress is coming.


#24348 - 02/06/04 01:15 AM Re: Keeping Satanism Private - for now [Re: Bogey_Man]
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Be kind to your parents. Treat them with the respect they deserve.

This is occasionally illegal, given some parents...
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