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#241888 - 05/11/07 12:19 AM i need answer!
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hi! just want to know how to be a member of CoS? i need a answer badly.... just write to my email removed. im looking forward to your answer.Thanks!

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#241891 - 05/11/07 12:57 AM Re: i need answer! [Re: maxxx]
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If you need it so badly, then save yourself the trouble of getting flamed for overlooking the obvious and read in entirety. Anything you need to know (about the organization), you'll find there.
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#241969 - 05/11/07 08:23 AM Re: i need answer! [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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An aside - for those reading this, notice this poster has not taken the time, nor extended the basic courtesy of introducing itself to this board, as is required.

And it expects an answer badly !
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