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I was ordained as a minister 3 years back in the Universal Life Church. My reasoning was that more or less it would be funny for of all people, someone like myself is legally a minister. I have been a Satanist for almost 10 years now yet only over the last year have I truely been able to start living my life as I've always thought was right. I still want the title of Rev. on all of my legal paperwork I am just curious if this will be a problem with the CoS. I havn't had the money to join yet but I plan on it very very soon so I thought that I should try to find out. If anyone can give me any information about this please let me know. My dream, albiet a dream, will forever be to die with the title of Priest in the CoS. To have given so much to something I believe in so much. I have already shown so many budding Satanists that which they really are and broke them free from the chains of bondage which society and Xtianity had wound them so tightly in. Thank you for your time and any info will be appreciated.
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I think all of your questions are adequately answered on the Church of Satan's Affiliation page, at
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I have been a Satanist for almost 10 years now...

You are ten years old?
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I could be mistaken, but your post gives me the distinct impression of somebody who is overly concerned with titles and appearances. Titles such as Reverend, Magister etc. in the Church of Satan are earned by recognition of the accomplishments they have achieved, through a thorough understanding, but more importantly a natural application of Satanism to their lives. You claim to have recently started living life as you always thought was right, and that's a good start. However I think you are grossly misguided in your understanding of Satanism, which is evident in your prostelytizing to "show so many budding Satanists that which they really are and break them free from the chains of bondage which society and Xtianity had wound them so tightly in." I believe ThePig was trying to humorously point out with his comment "so..your only 10 years old then?" was that Satanists are born not made, and therefore there is no need to "free anyones mind". If you really analyze your motivations, I think you may find that this kind of behavior stems more from an inherent need for companionship than a true recognition of Satanic qualities in an unaware person. The fact that you said "showed so many" says that your judgement of the qualities of a true de-facto Satanists are a bit overzealous. My suggestions would be to thoroughly read through all the literature again and again until you have a clearer understanding of what the title would require. As the saying goes "if you got to ask how much it costs, you cant afford it"

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The Church of Satan does not recognize any titles from other "Religions", so to put it bluntly... No, you would not be able to have Rev. or Reverend on any documentation related to the Church of Satan.

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