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#248179 - 06/12/07 06:52 AM Looking for Articles/Information
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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some information or articles i could read in regards to Satanism on the net. I have read the articles and pieces on the CoS website to include the basics, articles by authors Anton Levay, Blanche Barton, Nemo and all the others. I found the piece My Dark, Satanic Love by Magistra Nadramia very moving. Thank you for sharing that ma'am. So now that I have read all this I am looking for more, and im trying to look for it the right way. I want to pay for any material that I recieve. I have had offers for free Literature and I refused it. I figured this was the best place to ask this question, as only Moderators and CoS preists may reply. Thank you in advance for any direrction. I am also willing to look at any personal works that anyone may have. I love literature of all sorts. I read a few of U.V. Rays poems and if these are the kind of works produced by the CoS members I look forward to seeing more.

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Look on the links page of that will take you to a huge list of Satanic websites with more information from individual members.
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Although you did say that you're looking for resources on the internet, we cannot stress enough that the core of our philosophy, The Satanic Bible, is still the best resource one can find. It can be purchased in any bookstore, or at
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