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#25240 - 02/08/04 12:46 AM The way we are "engineered".
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If we are engineered, we've been put into the contraint of
our brain setup as well as into the constraint of our bodies. Human brains, although different, are very similar indeed. The whole process of thinking and the thoughts we develop puts us into a virtual "cage" of neuron interactivity principles inside our skulls... By that I mean that we all only have one similar mechanism of looking into this world: through the inter-exchange of neuron signals - analysis of the signals from the outer. Then something that is "US" somehow picks it up from the neuron exchange. It means that whoever we are, we are dependent on a fairly smart, but still limited and time to time faulty "computer". DULL, EY!!! Does it mean we are limited on purpose and do we want to be limited, whatever that purpose is... Or may be some of us will question the idea of "engineering"???
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#25241 - 02/08/04 01:05 AM Re: The way we are "engineered". [Re: Foxred]
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Most seem to be engineered to believe they are free while remaining in a prison of their own beliefs.

#25242 - 02/08/04 03:50 AM Re: The way we are "engineered". [Re: Nemo]
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There's even a very popular Hollywood film trilogy about this and still people chose to be enslaved.

#25243 - 02/08/04 07:37 AM Re: The way we are "engineered". [Re: Foxred]
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This is something that has been touched on throughout the years. Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, 1984, and the most recent, Matrix. Do you feel you have been "boxed"? Manufactured to do only one thing, and then die? To take this another route, look at it from this point of view...

What are the control mechanisms used to keep a man in a box?

Damnation: "If you don't except _______ as your savior, then you go straight to Hell!"

Ostracizing: "If you don't wear these clothes, then you have no hope in ever being one of us"
Those that set out to increase their knowledge in various fields of work and study are viewed as geeks, weirdos, crackpots, etc. People who think differently are feared, the more radical the ideas, the scarier they are.

These two should get the ball rolling. Remember, the TV shows of today, news broadcasts, etc. were made to influence the definition of right and wrong, and consumerism; the "Satanic Panic" for instance. Thus far they have been very effective. Mainly because no one will see it for what it is.

If you want to be free, then live your life to it's fullest by amassing all the material things you desire, studying the things that interest you, and try to find something interesting in the things that don't interest you. Practice stratification because lets face it, equality (another control mechanism) is a pipe dream, and it's concepts should be removed from ones mind as they lead to mediocrity. Think outside the box.

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#25244 - 02/08/04 04:04 PM Re: The way we are "engineered". [Re: Foxred]

"The heavy burden of the growing soul
Perplexes and offends more, day by day;
Week by week, offends and perplexes more
With the imperatives of “is and seems”
And may and may not, desire and control."

T.S.Elliot "Animula"

#25245 - 02/08/04 07:56 PM Re: The way we are "engineered". [Re: Foxred]

I have thought about this long and hard throughout my whole life as, no doubt, everyone in this world has. Thus I have come to two inevitable conclusions of my own, both accepted by many people:

We are created by a higher being for a purpose, and subconciously we fulfill that purpose whilst living a life of meaningless situations and circumstances that inevitably lead to that concluding purpose. I have ruled this out because this conclusion would mean that our lives are truely meaningless to ourselves and only serve this "being" that may or may not exist.

My second conlusion is that we create ourselves out of an infinite emptiness of which we are bored. We created all of this world around us as a means to entertain ourselves in our absolute emptiness. Therefore, it is our only purpose to enjoy ourselves and indulge in the pains, loves, joys, sorrows, and all instinctive emotions and triggers our subconcious mind has created for us in this beautiful world. I accept this conclusion because it places me as my own creator and a slave to myself. Indeed, if this is true, when this world ends, a complete new world shall begin with all sorts of pleasures and pains!


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