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#25925 - 02/12/04 07:48 PM Is satanism an "Established Religion"

Today at school I got my Dark Funeral shirt confiscated because it said "Teach Chilldren to Worship Satan". I said that i was expressing my religious ideas and that they are discriminating if they don't also take away all Christian, Jewish, Budist etc.. symbols and clothing. They responded by saying that Satanism is NOT an established religion, but after reading "The Satanic Bible", "Satan Speaks" and "The Devil's Notebook" and browsing i have come to respect Satanism as an Established Religion, as they have many grottos across the country and have a set of ideas and practices thoroughly expressed in The Satanic Bible. My question is: Does a school have the right to decide what religions they can subdue simply because as the campus supervisor put it "We have the right to descriminate because we are adults and we make the rules"? Tomorrow im wearing a shirt that says "Teach Children to Worship God" and im going to be wearing a rosary and ask the teacher who gave me dress code to do it again. Im also going to be reading from The Satanic Bible in the middle of class which I know will not go overlooked and when she attempts to confiscate it I will pull out the holy bible and make her take both and if she will there will be hell to pay if a teacher confiscates the HOLY BIBLE so there will be no way she will be able do it and i will demand my shirt back as well as a pardon of my "Saturday School" assignment. I have already asked about 20 people who can also get other firends who are willing to protest next friday in the schools quad if a toleration to my religious beliefs are not tolerated. Please post your comments on this situation and opinion of my reaction. I am not a registered member of the Church of Satan because i do not have 104 dollars right now and just turned 18 at the end of January but i completely agree with what I have learned from reading the Church's litterature and plan to become a card carrying member shortly. My friend also has about 7 court cases concerning religious disputes that have been overturned by the supreme court protection freedom of expression of religious thought that he got from his Administration of Justice teacher that can be found here .

#25926 - 02/12/04 07:57 PM Re: Is satanism an "Established Religion"
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Yes, the Church of Satan is a legally recognized religion.

Yes, it is technically illegal for your school or anyone else to interfere with free practice of your religion.

No, you don't really need to take your Satanic Bible to school, any more than Christians need to pray at school.

The Church of Satan's Legal Information Sheet may be of interest to you.

While personally I don't see a need to make an issue out of such matters, if you are personally interested in doing something, for whatever reason, I'd suggest instead of trying such tactics as you suggest, doing things the civilized and legal fashion.
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