First and foremost I want to thank you for creating such a great topic, I personally don't spend enough time reflecting on all of the good things that have happened throughout my life. Amidst all of the trials I am faced with on a daily basis you managed to start my day off with a smile.

This past March my wife and I visited Hawaii (Oahu/Maui) this was my first time, my wife's second time. Parts of Oahu reminded me of Vegas, very hectic and fast paced. The North Shore of Oahu will always hold a place in my heart I had dreamed of visiting Pipeline as a kid and when it finally happened it nearly brought tears to my eyes. I sat on the beach at Pipe for nearly four hours, my wife had to drag me back to the car. We spent two days in Maui, we didnt have an agenda just a map and a full tank of gas. We went to a couple black-sand beaches, did some snorkling and basically just explored. There is something about Maui that to this day causes me to stop and think "wow-unbeleivable", I cant explain what it is but it definately left a lasting impression. Whats great about the whole thing is that the memories are more powerful to me now then some of the actual experiences as they were happening.
"Touch not this church of God, for as man in his foolishness hath nurtured it, so must man himself destroy it of his own decision." - Azazel