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#25935 - 02/13/04 01:11 AM Murphy's Law meets Friday the 13th
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I was backing a van I had impounded into our yard, when I noticed the driver's side of my truck was too close to the fence. I tried to brake, however, our entire yard is one big layer of ice. So my truck slid and I took the driver's side mirror off with the fence.

Unintentional, and no big deal. I just replaced it with the mirror from our plow truck. An hour later I was backing out of one of our accounts when I took the replacement mirror off with a mailbox.

I'm not a superstitious man, and I know I'm at fault of being over confident in my ever increasing abilities as a wrecker driver. Now that I've calmed down over it, I just find it very humorous this all took place at the very beginning of (dun dun duunnn!!) Friday the 13th!

I am upset that, without both rearview mirrors, I can't legally tow. So my shift's ended extremely early.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow night.
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#25936 - 02/13/04 05:13 PM Re: Murphy's Law meets Friday the 13th [Re: RobertE]
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Bad things can happen on any day, but on a day like Friday the13th when something happens there is that little "what if" in the back of your head that connects the misfortune with the fact that this day is synonymous with "bad luck". You don't have to be superstitious for that to effect you.

I would change a bad thing into a good thing. Relax and enjoy your extra time off today!
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#25937 - 02/13/04 06:05 PM Re: Murphy's Law meets Friday the 13th [Re: RobertE]
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Funny that you should post what you did, because Friday the 13th is a personal holiday for me. When I was young, I adopted 13 as my lucky number in deliberate contradiction to the old superstition (I just had to be different). With appropriate perversity, it turns out to actually be a lucky number for me. Sorry to hear that it may not be such for you. But you did get the rest of the day off.

#25938 - 02/14/04 04:52 AM Re: Murphy's Law meets Friday the 13th [Re: RobertE]

It could've been worse. You might've run over a black cat.

#25939 - 02/14/04 06:12 AM Re: Murphy's Law meets Friday the 13th

and then, getting out of the truck, you stepped on a crack and broke your mothers back.....


#25940 - 02/14/04 05:11 PM Re: Murphy's Law meets Friday the 13th [Re: RobertE]

It is humorous. And sometimes it's funny to relate some coincendenses with silly old religious superstitions. In mock, jest, debasement, It's all fun. I'm not superstitious and find that to yeild to a superstiton is to be silly. Though I find nothing wrong with celebrating Friday the 13th, as long as the person doesn't give in the the superstition that some 'evil demon' who lives on the planet Saturn rules over that day and makes booboos happen. Then again if someone is into that, why should I care.
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#25941 - 02/15/04 08:44 AM 2-13 [Re: RobertE]
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Anyone notice the irony in the date - 213?

Jeffrey Dahmer's apt. number!

Also, the labor cost for friday at my work was $1666.00

Some nice coincidences.....
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