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#261698 - 08/03/07 05:59 AM Satanism and Laws
Drimlybunk Offline
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Are you out there asking yourself:

1. If I am my own god, why should I abide by someone else's rules?
2. If I rule my life, who cares what a king, president, monarch, militant dictator, congressman, judge, or police officer thinks?
3. How are Satanists supposed to rule the world in the face of adversity if we do not break some laws to put ourselves in power?
4. Why can't I get high?

Well... I have my answers.

The person and people who make the laws they expect you to abide by nearly always provide you with services in return for your obedience. If their services seem disproportionate to their "hindrance on your life style" then get up and leave. If total anarchy is your thing, one word: Antarctica. If you enjoy the subtle comforts in life, however, you had better get used to following someone else' rules until you can either become the law maker or buy your own country in the South Pacific. Yes, "paying taxes sucks" but having paved roads, sanitary water, and electricity certainly does not "suck."

Simply put: When a person has the power to end your life it is masochistic not to listen to them.

From 25th Hour (regarding sexual appeal percentile):

Jacob Elinsky: So what's Monty?

Frank Slaughtery: Let's see.

Monty's going to prison.

He's a doughnut --
big, fat zero.

Satanists are not supposed to rule the world, at least not publicly. Satanists are Satanists without going to any building, reading any books, or carrying any baphomet. We exhibit our religion every day in every action without thinking twice about what some book says, or what some religious leader thinks. There is no reason or circumstance under which a person must declare themselves a Satanist publicly. Furthermore, there is no reason for any sort of Satanic political movement. In the US, we are not being oppressed, we are not being beaten, our religion is not illegal. Furthermore, claiming to be a Satanist does not excuse destructive behavior under the banner of religious freedom just as hanging pagans does not fall under the religious freedom banner for Christians.

You can't get high because it's illogical and illegal. Drugs destroy minds. Drugs destroy families. Drugs destroy potential. But if you do those things to yourself and loved ones - I do not care. However you are not a Satanist. Satanists do not destroy themselves while trying to avoid reality.

Furthermore, the drug trade supports hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in destroying families and neighborhoods. Drug dealers may be some damn fine entrepreneurs but they support corruption of the legal system which provides me with general safety and well being. Buying illegal substances pays for others to not only kill you but thousands of other people. If only one of those persons is completely innocent you have aided in murder - I wish my government would treat drug users as such.

Finally the argument that "it's just a little pot" has no logical backing. It goes like this:
But Mr. Satanist, pot shouldn't even be illegal.
Because I don't hurt anyone else if I use drugs. Ever see someone get high and beat their kids? No! It calms people down. It's a victim-less crime. Nothing like drunk driving, or alcohol abuse.
You destroy yourself.
Should that be illegal?

The answer does not matter. Drug use and trade is self-destructive. Self-destruction is unSatanic.

No amount of large words or over-extended vocabulary can smear blunt fact.
'We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write "fuck" on their airplanes because it's obscene!' -- Col. Kurtz (Apocalypse Now)

#261717 - 08/03/07 07:33 AM Re: Satanism and Laws [Re: Drimlybunk]
RaSc Offline
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Damn good post, Drimlybunk.

1. If I am my own god, why should I abide by someone else's rules?

This seems to be a common question among younger posters on this board. I have read many answers, but perhaps my favorite is that being one's own god doesn't imply you are everyone's god. It's an easy concept, but the young mind seems to have difficulty understanding it. I gather that it follows the concept that teenagers already think they know it all. They pick up the Satanic Bible and proceed to select the choicest morsels of self-vindication.


Hail Satan!

#261723 - 08/03/07 08:01 AM Re: Satanism and Laws [Re: RaSc]
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I think it is even more simple than that. An irresponsible god is no god at all. The god in the Bible was an irresponsible god (which is why he fails as a god), so a responsible god would have to be in complete opposition of that, hence the name "Satan".
They are doomed because they cannot even glimpse beyond the construct that their masters have put into place. Their masters are doomed because they believe in the construct they created.

#261729 - 08/03/07 08:06 AM Re: Satanism and Laws [Re: Drimlybunk]
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Some very good points here. Further, Thomas Jefferson noted that if "the people" possessed the ability to live without laws then they would have already been doing so hundreds of years prior to the formation of the US. "The people" as a whole need laws and rules.

1. If I am my own god, why should I abide by someone else's rules?

In many ways, as a Satanist, I don't believe that you do need to live by someone else's rules. However, we Do live by principles.

"The sleep of reason brings forth monsters."
~Francisco Goya

"When Hell is Full of Souls, The Tattooed Will Walk the Earth."
~Bob Tyrrell, The Night Gallery Tattoo


#261731 - 08/03/07 08:13 AM Re: Satanism and Laws [Re: Storm]
Evil_Eve Offline
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It all boils down to this one line:

"Responsibility to the RESPONSIBLE".

Common sense is also a key factor in this issue.

Why should you abide by someone else's rules? Perhaps because being locked in a cage by breaking said rules doesn't tickle your fancy.

Remember the balance factor.

I don't agree with everything our Government says. Far from it. I do however have the sense to know that doing drugs is HARMFUL and if it's illegal (why chance it?).

Go by common sense first and then you may begin to realize why some laws are in order.

Without any type of law there would be anarchy.

You are your OWN god and I might not like the god you happen to be. Make sense?
Satan LIVES!
If you could....would YOU?

"Our religion does not require martyrs."
Magistra Nadramia.

YOU can be a voice for the voiceless.

#261747 - 08/03/07 10:07 AM Re: Satanism and Laws [Re: Evil_Eve]
Tex_Talionis Offline
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Bravo Dirmly, a decent retort the group of questions the losers ask searching for an excuse to continue being losers.
-Hail Satan-
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You can be what you will to be."
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#261755 - 08/03/07 10:43 AM Re: Satanism and Laws [Re: Drimlybunk]
Roho_the_Rooster Offline
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Drimlybunk...I enjoyed your post.

If I may, I would like to say this:

1) Any social interaction requires ground rules. I have them at home. I have them at work. We have them so that we may drive safely. There is no rational reason to object. Only a child would expect anything different.

2) In a sense...and only the mature can understand this...we are above the law. The law represents the bare necessities. We require more.

3) If any adult feels they have a valid reason a law should be overturned, there is legal recourse. That would involve time, study and cooperation. Three things the immature does not have.

Good post.

"Life is the only race you lose by reaching the end." - M.M.

#261774 - 08/03/07 12:06 PM Re: Satanism and Laws [Re: Drimlybunk]
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Excellent post, DrimlyBunk.

Whether any of those it is addressed to have enough functioning brain cells to comprehend it is another matter, of course, but you have certainly written well and as clearly as these points can possibly be made.

I think so much of this boils down to self-delusion: You tell the little twits what the consequences are but they never think it'll happen to them. Well, ask anyone in jail if they ever thought getting caught and incarcerated could happen to them. Ask any junkie shooting up in the alley with a dirty needle if they ever thought this would happen to them. Never. Hell, some of them deny it's happening to them now.

#261967 - 08/03/07 09:36 PM About being God. [Re: Drimlybunk]
Nemo Offline
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This is where most people miss the boat on Satanism.

They think that being God means being totally powerful and unaccountable to anyone or anything.

I have an entire chapter in my book on this specific topic.

Being God in Satanism simply means choosing yourself to be the most important person in your world (as opposed to Jehovah, Jesus, or whatever).

It is critically important to remember that there are plenty of other Gods up the street who might just be able to kick your ass!

(Please pardon my crude speech).

#261970 - 08/03/07 09:47 PM Re: About being God. [Re: Nemo]
Phineas Offline
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Everybody wants to be Zeus! ;\)
"Consensus is the absence of leadership." Margaret Thatcher

"I'm fascinated with how primitive the human mind still is. It can be misdirected so easily." John Gaughan

"Success is uncommon. Therefore, not to be enjoyed by the common man." Cal Stoll

#261974 - 08/03/07 09:56 PM Re: Satanism and Laws [Re: Drimlybunk]
statementofnine Offline

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Most of the "young ones" that post (briefly) to this board remind me of the "Christians" that I have encountered throughout my life. They take from the "good book" what suits them and discard the rest.


Everyone learns faster on fire.

#261975 - 08/03/07 10:00 PM Re: About being God. [Re: Phineas]
Xaira Offline

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This is the exact reason I hate associating with other teenagers, and members of the herd in general. THey pick and choose what they want to hear and ignore the rest.

1. They assume the rules are just made to keep them from doing things. It basically boils down to what one of my former compatriots said one day.

"Why can't I steal? If they won't hide their stuff from me, they shoud expect it to be stolen."

Not five minutes later he was complaining about how someone had broken into his car and stolen his new stereo.

2. The idiotic pseudo-satanists I have run into have usualy claimed to be their own god without loking at the fact that all gods were not created equal. Thor was powerful, but not nearly as strong as Odin. Ares was a mighty god, but Zeus could take him down any day.

Suvival of the fittest applies to gods, too.
"It is a sin to write this..." - Ayn Rand


"You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance." - Ray Bradbury

#261979 - 08/03/07 10:20 PM Re: About being God. [Re: Xaira]
Sigurthr Offline

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Indeed, a good way of explaining it to those that just don't get it is: "Just because you are YOUR god doesn't mean you are ANYONE ELSE's god". Unfortunately these types usually throw "Responsibility to the Responsible" out the window too.

I'm quite glad we Satanists are born and not made, perhaps it is just the elitist in me, but I'd hate to have to deal with half-assed wanna-be Satanists in training. Its bad enough as it is with them posing as the real deal and occasionally getting away with it.

Hail Stratification!
Ave Luciferi!
"After an inferior man has been taught a doctrine of superiority he will remain as inferior as he was before his lesson. He will merely assume himself to be superior, and attempt to employ his recently learned tactics against his own kind, whom he will then consider his inferiors. With each inferior man enjoying what he considers his unique role, the entire bunch will be reduced to a pack of strutting, foppish, self-centered monkeys gamboling about on an island of ignorance. There they will play their games under the supervision of their keeper, who was and will always be a superior man."
-Magus Anton Szandor LaVey (The Devil's Notebook, "Diabolica")

Undefiled Wisdom
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#261982 - 08/03/07 10:36 PM Re: About being God. [Re: Sigurthr]
GildedLily Offline

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<Indeed, a good way of explaining it to those that just don't get it is: "Just because you are YOUR god doesn't mean you are ANYONE ELSE's god".>

It is a good way to explain it-but the truly, blindly self-obsessed will never get it. I am reminded of two skanks arguing outside a club I passed on my way to a Clutch show... "It's all about me" "No, ho, it's all about me" "NO BITCH it's all about ME". The obtuse are determined and proud to remain so.

We are all the centre of our own universes, indeed. Which makes flattery a tool and weapon of significance.

In gardens, beauty is a by-product. The main business is sex and death. ~Sam Llewelyn

#261984 - 08/03/07 10:42 PM Re: Satanism and Laws [Re: statementofnine]
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By 'young ones' are you referring to immaturity? I ask because I certainly have been guilty of agism and have been repeatedly reminded here why it just doesn't fly. I've seen incredibely young, relatively speaking, members who have shown more understanding, maturity and intelligence than people twice their age. 'Kentucky Fried Satanism' (to quote roho ) seems to be something someone of any age is capable of practicing.
"What happens in the shadow, in the grey regions, also interests us all that is elusive and fugitive, all that can be said in those beautiful half tones, or in whispers, in deep shade." ~ The Brothers Quay

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