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#265716 - 08/18/07 03:06 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Atrum]
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As a gift, for a job well done, I am treated to sushi. For a job done very, very well, I receive Tanqueray on the side. For a job done so well I cause her toes to curl, asparagus is added.

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#265717 - 08/18/07 03:10 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Roho_the_Rooster]
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Sugar pie and vanilla ice cream!

I just had some...hmmm.

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#265722 - 08/18/07 03:23 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Roho_the_Rooster]
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Im coming to your house... You have done such a great job!!! Ill bring the sushi!!

#265731 - 08/18/07 04:42 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Atrum]
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Oven roasted chicken glazed with two layers of pure maple syrup and a dash of black pepper.

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#265737 - 08/18/07 05:34 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Atrum]
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Anything Italian, anything Greek, and any flavour of ice cream except spumoni...(so I guess that means almost anything Italian).
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#265752 - 08/18/07 08:19 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Atrum]
tekku Offline
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I have a family Vietnamese restaurant nearby and I must have dinner there once a week at least.

Their fresh Seafood combo with egg noodles and their Shark Fin soup gives me goosebumps from how GOOD their cooking is.
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#265754 - 08/18/07 08:34 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Dr. De Sade]
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Either a cappuccino or a glass of Guinness with some cabbage rolls.
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#265755 - 08/18/07 08:37 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Atrum]
G.F.V. Offline
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In terms of food, my indulgences come from Mexican, Spanish, Italian, Portugeuse, French, and Chinese Food.

As for beverages, my indulgences lie in Beer, Whiskey, Cocktail Drinks, and Seltzer Water.

Specifically, it would probably take me over an hour to list my favorites from each of my indulgence categories. As opposed to eating to live, I live to eat.

#265761 - 08/18/07 09:40 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: G.F.V.]
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I enjoy a well-cooked steak, little fat, seasoned well, no sauces. If I am just out-and-about, there is a little place that is local to me that sells all kinds of smoked meats and such.

I know it is all-too-common, but I truly enjoy any dessert involving warm chocolate.

#265769 - 08/18/07 10:09 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Atrum]
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Eeek! I was hungry, but this thread has got me drooling! yum yum yum I love food!

My absolute favorite food is my mothers' Curry Chicken, which I will be cooking myself for the first time tonight (I finally got the recipe ) fingers crossed... \:\)

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#265775 - 08/18/07 10:36 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Phoenix_Inferno]
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A nice RARE steak, drenched in aju sauce with garlic bread, and a salad...ultimate meal in my book.
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#265780 - 08/18/07 11:15 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Atrum]
scrollkeeper Offline

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I love chocolate, mostly milk chocolate, but will have dark chocolate or flavored chocolate on occasion. Thanks for posting the question.
I consider certain foods indulgences when they are expensive to buy or make, when they are foods I don't or shouldn't eat often and when they're hard to find and/or seasonal.
I don't eat a lot of meat, but I love a well-roasted chicken, when the flesh isn't too moist. A Kansas City strip grilled to medium with minimal seasoning, with lots of broccoli.
It's indulgence if it's not something I do often. I make a mac-n-cheese with some cream cheese in it, then I brown a little sausage and ground beef and put that in. Ingredients are costly but worth it.
I found a website of a restaurant in Louisiana that sells a variety of Cajun and Creole foods, shipping overnight to your door, and I ordered boudin and etouffee. I love crawfish.
Inarizushi. You know it as a soybean-curd cone filled with vinegared rice with a little bit of carrot. The cones are costly, but I will hammer that plate.
Li Hing Mui. I have to tell myself, only a few. Too many prunes will always give you the shits.
Poi. Any idea how much a pound of that stuff costs? And to get it from Hawaii to Kansas?
Guava, mango, papaya. Pricey.
Half-n-half or whipping cream on my cereal. Yeah.
Brown beefy gravy with au jus mixed in, on top of white rice.
Honeydew melon with soy sauce dribbled on it.
Salmon steaks baked in evap and coated with rosemary and dill.
Granola in my pancakes or waffles. Maple syrup on quarter. Guava syrup on another. Coconut syrup on another. Plain butter on the last, or saute some canned peaches and put that.
A very well done hamburger with a slice of American cheese on top, a smear of cream cheese, topped with bacon, a little mayonnaise and spicy Grey Poupon-you mustard.
Pickled plums.
Sandwich: hard boiled eggs, mayo and mustard, a little worcestershire, loaded up on a toasted hamburger bun.
I make my Reubens with extra-thick rye. I won't eat sauerkraut otherwise. I fry up the bread before loading the sandwich, then I fry the whole sandwich until everything melts together. Mayonnaise on the top piece of bread, Thousand Island on the bottom piece.
Grilled cheese made with American and Pepperjack.
Pickled okra.
Any of those weird imported Greek marinated black olives.
The Laughing Cow cheese.
No-citrus fruitcake.
Macadamia nuts.
Astoundingly good shrimp fajitas at a nearby Mexican restaurant.
Spinach lasagna at a nearby Italian restaurant.
Quesadillas at a nearby yuppie restaurant.
Cream of chicken soup with croutons on top.
I make a pecan pie with extra thick crust, some chocolate chips and cinnamon chips and some molasses.
A sandwich of very finely shredded ham and roast beef, American, swiss and cheddar cheese and mayo, dipping every other bite into spicy mustard mixed with a little horseradish.
A spoonful of brown sugar.
A sandwich of white bread, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. Try this with some crushed nuts of your choice.
I make meatballs with ground beef and sausage, 50-50, and some white rice and chopped mushrooms and black olives. That's also how my meatloaf starts. I do mine in long, skinny logs and glaze them in a tomato barbecue worcestershire sauce.
Sliced avocado, lots of it, on a roast beef or shredded roast pork sandwich.
I make a chicken-curry filling and put it in bite-size sandwiches or phyllo triangles.

For special drinks, try a 50-50 mix of orange juice and soy milk, with a few spoonfuls of rosewater. The effect is better if you add a little fresh ginger and let it sit in the fridge a few hours.
Strong-brewed chamomile tea, 50-50 with hot apple cider and a teeny bit of molasses.
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#265783 - 08/18/07 11:54 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: scrollkeeper]
Philotechnic Offline

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As for a feast of a meal, I like Peanut Butter thai baked Tofu with some sauteed onions with steamed kale and mashed potatoes with nutritional yeast gravy. A hell of a meal to clean up, but well worth it.

Another meal that I made that was quite good is Jerk Seitan (pronounced: SATAN, made from wheat gluten) with sauteed onions and peppers, and Jasmine Rice made with coconut milk. Incredibly spicy for the devil in you, and completely satisfying for the human in you, haha.

#265863 - 08/19/07 10:09 AM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Philotechnic]
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Fish and chips from Yorkshier Fisheries in Blackpool town centre. When I go to Bradford to see my Dad we often as not go for a curry at the Kashmir (chicken or meat Madras with fried rice and chapattis, with meat samosa and onion bhajis to start, yum!).

I like donner kebabs too. I can recomend Popeye's pizza shop for this if you're ever in Blackpool, best in town.
Vegas, x

#265893 - 08/19/07 12:23 PM Re: Food/beverage indulgences. [Re: Atrum]
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I love Italian and Greek food and when I'm in the mood for something sweet there's just nothing better than vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce.

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