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#266031 - 08/20/07 07:30 AM Help and learning
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I hope I put this in the right area of the forum.Please bear with me I am new and kinda slow.I am 41 now and all through out life Ive been pulled back and forth.I set down after 2001 (my fire)and started to read.(I hated reading before this-give me a movie).I just felt they had to be more out there.So I got the satanic bible and jumped right in.This just confused me but,yet answered alot of questions I had.The things I heard and pictured in my mind and heard what people were saying were not true.they have not read what I was reading.I cant argue and turn away anything that I have read in the satanic bible.I have also read the book of law and a few others.I find everyday people trying to pull me away from reading or discussing anything of Satan.But,I cant get it out of my mind and my heart.My wife is very understanding about everything.I am just a laid back guy,I am a hardworker on anything I do(or try now-I only have about 50% of skin left).I feel comfortable at times with myself after talking to someone about satanism.I know this is long and not very long worded but,my questions are-Can i be a satanist because of the way i am?
I want to learn more.I forgot that I live here where they call the bible belt.(I use to be in a pentecostal church and was tired of looking around at things everywhere going on that they taught against).I was worried about the alter stories and the sacraficings(Boy was I wrong).I see that yall dont hurt animals or any humans at all.I found out that they are more to being a satanist than what meets the eye.Look I will break it down,I want to be a part,i just feel like in one way that I wont be good enough.I am not to smart,I dont know much how to dress if there is a code.I vision people in black suits or something as that goes.I wear loose blue jeans and white tee shirts(due ti heat and scars).I was just hoping that you could help me understand.I do want to read more but,I am not to fast to learn so Ill need something alittle slow.I hope I didnt rub anything wrong.i am really wanting to learn and hopefully be able to join(If I am right material)thanks for you time with me.sorry so long.kenny

#266040 - 08/20/07 08:21 AM Re: Help and learning [Re: kenny21]
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Whilst you have gained some knowledge regarding what Satanists do and do not do there seems to be a lack of intrinsic understanding.

That is to say, people who read The Satanic Bible who then discover that they are indeed a Satanist find a natural resonance in the tenets within the pages of the book.

In your case it seems to be more of a need to be part of something.

I do not feel Satanism is for you. But I would suggest that you overcome your dislike of reading and study some more before deciding you want to be part of anything.

Quite honestly, Satanism is more than self-improvement or escape from Christian indoctrination.

It is a natural proclivity within us.

Maybe your true path in life lies eslewhere.

Good luck.
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#266042 - 08/20/07 08:31 AM Re: Help and learning [Re: Drake_Bamboozle]
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Thank you.I have been reading somewhat here more lately.I just need
to find books that interest me my wife said.I hate it when she is right.I do want to thank you for your advice here on this.Nomatter
which way my path lies in life,i do want to say from what i have learned from reading the satanic bible ,Its opened my eyes.thank you so much for your help and understanding.kenny


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