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#64749 - 12/17/04 02:42 PM Re: Your own created gods are? [Re: Focalor]
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No part if I can recall, I dont remember everything only what I needed to get out of being brainwashed by the evil christians. Anyway it's just a belief of mine nothing more nothing less........That reminds me, when I was a kid I always thought satanists would read the bible know
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#64750 - 12/17/04 03:03 PM Time's running out. [Re: Zimzum]
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I strongly suggest you complete your introduction if you wish to be able to continue here. See my reply there for a better grasp of the reasons why this is required.

#64751 - 12/18/04 07:54 AM Re: Your own created gods are? [Re: Zimzum]
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I think if you do some serious contemplating and thinking upon events which have taken place, you'll see that no one is brainwashed against their own will. So few people take responsibility for what poisonous ideas they allow to be planted in their minds. Salvation may have been offered, but you didn't have to accept it.

#265677 - 08/18/07 11:33 AM Re: Perhaps A Better Question [Re: DancingintheDark]
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I am the only God i will ever know.

I am, however, quite fond of the symbolism surrounding Asmodeus.

In the Christian mythology, not only did he represent lust and carnal desire, but self deification and the power of leadership.

They called this demon "Asmodai" or "Asmoday".

He appears in many tales of folklore. Some claim that he was the demon who lured Eve into eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. There also was a prophecy that he would be the only one capable to de-throne King Soloman, "the wisest king".

He was said to be the guardian of wealth, which was obtained through trickery of false services, and taking spoils from foolish gamblers.

I agree with the mythos here -
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I do every day.
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#265856 - 08/19/07 09:44 AM Re: Your own created gods are? [Re: Baphy]
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 Originally Posted By: Baphy
"Man hs always created his own gods"
Other than yourself, what are your Gods (If any), what do they inspire in you? Do they have an image which you created in your mind? If so, please describe <img src="/lttd/images/graemlins/devil.gif" alt="" />

Twiggy has always been a goddess to me in as much as anyone can be. She makes me happy and I can't help but raise a smile every time i see a picture of her. She has an other-worldly quality to her which sets her appart from other humans.

Some people seem to have this, a kind of natural charisma, they are not like the rest of us. Perhaps gods DO exist and the ones which have been usurped by the abrahamic imposter are biding their time and hiding their essence within a few chosen mortals. Maybe their time is closer than we think?
Vegas, x

#265862 - 08/19/07 10:07 AM Re: Your own created gods are? [Re: Mekhet]
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 Originally Posted By: Mekhet
I, for one, can accept the fact I have an ego and do not require the search for mythological figures or external "Gods".
I have mentors, sure - but nothing in the "guru" sense of the word.

The only Gods I call are deified-personifications of the self represented by the Infernal Names during Psychodramatic activities.

I whole heartedly agree with this and feel it sums up my own views on "God" nicely.

"I worship my Ego and I worship my Life, for I am the only God that is."--quoted from TVC
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#265892 - 08/19/07 12:14 PM Re: Your own created gods are? [Re: Baphy]
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I find myself attracted to the hindu-gods Shiva and Kali. I remember seeing statues of them when I was very young and they freaked me out so much I was actually afraid of them for a long time. They were probably in my closet or under the bed...
When I got older it was time to confront 'them' and what scared me as a child is now a nice tool in my rituals.

#266334 - 08/21/07 01:24 PM Re: Your own created gods are? [Re: Baphy]
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Sigh…my silence has to be broken on this one.

Y’see, as the God of my universe, there is NO ROOM for a single other…but…When I was a little boy, from my mind I created a God…and by the age I really understood that ‘all gods must be defiled by me’, I still couldn’t destroy this mighty self-born God I had birthed in my younger years.

His head sits high above my speaker to the north corner of my room. He is an iron-ram-headed Gollum-esk thingy guy, who eats with a bulldozer-like jaw that swing on mechanical hinges. The God has much depth in my imagination, and has been granted total freedom in my head more then a thousand times.

His name is “Moo”…The God of Meat.

His bible fits here easy…I will write it for you.

“If it is made of meat, it is made to eat.”

Its simple…and its divine. So yeah, I gotta God I really wanted to honor in cyber-public, and I just did it…for Moo.

Heres to you Moo, cheers!

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#266337 - 08/21/07 01:31 PM Re: Your own created gods are? [Re: Baphy]
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