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#267364 - 08/26/07 09:46 PM Just testing the auto-replace feature.
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I notice certain words and phrases now cause certain links to appear.

I'm just seeing which things are in the database and which aren't.

Church of Satan
CoS Emporium
Church of Satan Emporium
After Dark
After Dark Jewelry
Evening Eclipse

Edit: Jolly good, I see which ones do it now. I'll leave this post standing, to save everyone doing it separately.

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#267365 - 08/26/07 09:52 PM Re: Just testing the auto-replace feature. [Re: Linguascelesta]
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Well, colour me happy. I didn't even realize this was a feature!
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#267462 - 08/27/07 09:33 AM Re: Just testing the auto-replace feature. [Re: Linguascelesta]
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I've noticed this happening as well, and I was wondering if there is any kind of HTML tag to prevent this from happening? I do find it useful at times, but at others, it can be a problem for my screenreader. I know the tag <z></z> works for disabling links on MySpace, but I didn't know if the same principle could be applied here.

Any thoughts?
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