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#268461 - 09/01/07 04:02 PM Purging Talon News - 9/1/07
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If you haven't logged onto the main Purging Talon site ( ) in the last so many hours, you'll find that the site has been completely redone. Here's what has changed...

-- Completely redesigned in a beautiful CMS package.
-- The Media Center is now THE VIEWING ROOM and has gone back to video only.
-- Both the NOT LIKE MOST and POO POO MAGAZINE sites are no more. All available issues for those titles can now be found in the new MAGAZINES section of the new site.
-- All relevant information concerning distribution, ordering, and more can be found in the FAQ section.
-- BANNERS have returned (and new ones at that!) and are now in a respectively named section.
-- All links to our PROMO PRODUCT lines now have one consolidated section.
-- LINKS section has also returned.
-- We now have a site-only search engine. Use it.
-- Site is now RSS-compliant, if feeds are your thing.
-- In-site e-mail form, just in case opening your e-mail client is too stressful for you.

There are some other news items found on the new main page. Check them out.

The biggest Purging Talon news, in case you haven't heard, is...

BEARING THE DEVIL'S MARK, the first authored book by Purging Talon Executive Director Matt G. Paradise, is tentatively scheduled for a Christmas 2007 release. The book is a collection of 14 years worth of work, including many of Paradise's best essays from Not Like Most magazine, a few from the long since published Poo Poo Magazine, and some new and previously unavailable pieces as well. More details, including a brief excerpt, at the main site.

And if you're wondering why some of the best content from the old site (especially from NOT LIKE MOST) didn't make it into the new, it's possible that the reason is because it might be in the book. This would probably also explain the recent deletion of about 7-9 blog entries at DIABOLOGUE.

THE LORD OF COKE AND HOT DOGS bids you welcome... to his t-shirts! More on that at the new Purging Talon site.

SUBTERRANEAN SINEMA starts its eighth season during the week of 24 Sept 2007. The SubSIN site will be updated prior to season start but, for now, it's mentioned on the Purging Talon main page.

NOT LIKE MOST #17 is in the works. Deadline for submissions is 1 December 2007 and further details can be located in the Purging Talon FAQ section. If a fan of the magazine, you should be happy to know that it now has a brand new MySpace page...

Join up, support NLM, tell your friends, check out all of the old covers, knock yourself out!

And if you're still holding out on joining the Purging Talon MySpace group, why wait... join NOW...

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Hey, it looks great!

You have a very balanced sense of aesthetic when it comes to your websites, and that makes them a pleasure to peruse and easy to navigate. Good work!

Oh, and those T Shirts are hot.
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