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#26880 - 02/19/04 09:47 AM Cleaning the house
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Sirs and Madams:

This is another message in order to save energy to the newcomers, but above all, to save the energy of the self-realized Satanists who kindly share their true Satanic knowledge (that means earthly knowledge, not just “philosophical bla-bla-bla”) in this forum.

I feel obliged to write this message as an aknowledgement for Satanists who give true life to this forum, given that I contributed to the unnecessary waste of time and energy of productive individuals, because of the wrong ideas I had about true Satanism; mis-information that I demonstrated in my first messages in this forum. I would be very happy if, by this “sacrifice” I am successful in “cleaning the house” of unfortunate misconceptions that provoke ridiculous, non-productive, recurrent arguments.

So, here is a series of advices to the newcomming mis-directed.

1) Read the proper writings before asking.

You could have seen a lot of movies centered in Satan. You could have read a lot of books about “Satanism”. You could have watched a lot of documentaries about “Satanic” sects. And the worst: you could have visited a lot of “Satanic” web pages.

BUT, if what you really want to know is what Satanism is about, you MUST read, at the very least, this page.

2) Ask before giving an opinion.

Once you have read the basic information, make sure you have understood it very well, before giving your opinion. Although Satanism is not an occult-esoteric religion in the cabalistic-fashioned sense, that does not mean it is not profound. You really should read carefully and ask prudently, even when you think you have understood. Questioning Satanism has no use. Playing the free-thinker role will not help you in any way, above all if your “intellectual superiority” is not reflected by visible accomplishments in the real world. The Church of Satan is not ONLY an organization of eccentric thinkers, but ALSO outstanding individuals in the real world (that means the world outside your computer room).

3) Do not search for acceptance.

The Church of Satan is a very serious organization. Their selective attitude has a reason, above all, because they cannot permit irresponsible individuals to cause damages to the Church. As a matter of logic, non-Satanists cannot obtain Active Membership. If you examine your life up to now and you see that you are not a natural-born Satanist, you need not despair. Satanism is about living your life to the fullest, and a means for obtaining your earthly goals. Select your goals and go for them –it is as simple as that. Remember that you can join the Church as a Registered Member. “But... but I want to have a Magister title!!!” -you could say. Well, in the Church of Satan, titles are reflections of accomplishments in the real world. So, if you have no significant accomplishments out there, what do you want the title for? And if you DO have worldly accomplishments, what do you NEED the title for?

4) There is no other Satanism.

As I said before, you could have a lot of diverse information about “the Devil”. But Satanism, as a religion, has only been codified by Anton Szandor LaVey. You may think you have “your own Satanism”. The key is always the same: read the books, read the f#####g books!!! Once you have read some of LaVey’s books, and made sure you have understood them properly, you will realize there could be no other Satanism.

There is certainly a boom of "Satanic" organizations nowadays, but the funny thing is that almost all of them are internet-based, that means, virtual, that means, nothing.

For further information, read this page.

5) Consider that maybe this is not your place.

You may have read the Satanic Bible and felt a certain affinity. It is almost impossible not to feel affinity with that book if you are an intelligent, insightful person. It is so, because Satanism is based on reality. However, the Church of Satan may not be the organization for you. If you are diligent enough, you will find your place sooner or later. For example, this organization seems to have a good relationship with the Church of Satan.

These advices are based on my own experience, since I, myself, committed the mistakes I have just talked about. For this reason, you had better take them very seriously. By applying them, you will not disturb serious Satanists, and you will be able to enjoy this forum.


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